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Occupied Territory: Anarchist Gathering 2004

Occupied Territory: Anarchist Gathering 2004

June 18 - 21, 2004
Fresno, California

Occupied Territory gathering will take place June 18-21st in the mountains to east of Fresno. To get informed of developments first, subscribe to the gathering list occupiedterritory (at) If you would like to get involved or contribute in anyway e-mail the occupied territory (de)central command at occupiedterritory (at)
For a Destruction of Conferences - And a Reconnection to Anarchy
Open the Communiqué Doors:Occupied Territory is no longer just a conference, we as the organizing collective have decided to take the final step, and make the gathering the most interactive and self-managed gathering we could think of. Early this year we put out calls infoshop, Indymedias, and sites across the state and got a huge response. But instead of creating another conference that would revolve around trying to get the usual band of well known speakers that are usually seen at conferences, we have decided to make you the participant decide what the direction of the gathering will be.

Friday June 18th, we will meet you in Fresno, and that night we will decide what the gathering will grow into be. This gathering, like the future, is up to us. How to Plug Into the Gathering:
Check out the various FORUM discussions. Your Thoughts, Discussions, Workshops Needed![use the o­n-line forum to publish ideas]

Building an Autonomous Zone:
Occupied Territory will work to create, sustain, and build a small autonomous community during the conference. We will work to organize and freely associate ourselves into different working groups to complete tasks, and work on different projects within the campsite.Instead of just talking about overcoming the constructs of hierarchal society, instead, let’s grease up our hands and exist in the structures that we want to exist in. Let’s face it, come the revolution it won’t be all black blocs, organizing for your local union, or trying to get John Zerzan to come and speak, it will be cooking, teaching, loving, working, enjoying, and existing in a society without the coercion and illegitimate force of the old.

There are major issues we need to confront as anarchists and anti-authoritarians as we can see the growth of our movement, especially here in California.With the anti-war, and anti-globalization movement fading, and with the election year threatening to steal away some of our revolutionary fire, we need to be more focused and ready to strike as ever. Come with us and build the world we dream about. Think with us, and talk about the issues facing your community, and our movement. Create with us, with your skills and knowledge. Un-build the spectacle, dismantle the empire, smash the state, and un-learn hierarchy once and for all.

See You in Fresno !?
Plan on meeting in Fresno on Friday, June 18th at 1pm-5pm, at Courthouse Park in Downtown Fresno
(more info on location to come, keep checking site)
Fresno Food Not Bombs will be doing a special feed there, and from that point, we will move on to the larger gathering.

By Crudocrust

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