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Why I do not believe in communism?

Some facts on communism and monopolies.
Why I do not believe in communism?

FINLAND – When ever I look up the sky and see the stars, or when someone start talking about the black holes in the space, then for some reason I automatically start thinking about a called Tampere. The have one common thing; they suck everything they come across. In Tampere are case both money and material not belonging to them.

When taking a closer look at Tampere you are able to understand its position as being one of Russia's pet cities belonging at some extent also into 'Russia ideological protection on socialism'. The only thing missing is the free missiles to protect the area – we may ironically joke on this area.
One must now realize, that I do not have anything against normal Russian people, but a heck of a lot against Finnish communists and socialists after being hunted by them.

These socialist dogmas came from Russia into Finland, when Stalin was on run from Russia in Finland. Even Russia has got a rich culture and fairly good education in some fields of science, I am not happy to these people's morale were as Finns morale.
Finland have always had Russian people, some of which are OK, but during the recent years we have been having as inhabitants or quests more and more well off criminal Russian people. When our economy was down, people in mass media were talking to eliminate 300.000 Finns, and few years afterwards accepted 40.000 Russian as refugees. Were 40.000 of 'us' eliminated, or why our circumstances have not become any better to these poor working Finns? Were these 40.000 people from Russia some kind of a security deposit for the Russia, so they would not carry on their massive military training in Karelia, were somewhere close to 300 tanks were kept motors running 24 hours bases with only one purpose in mind; direct act towards Finnish border from Karelia towards Helsinki capital city. I must say the Russia military General and their secret service has got a very good sense of a humor, but they might had missed the simples fact to ask, if there was some major dilemma besides Finnish jerks running the state.
We both know, that part of Russia people have been poor or lower middle class because of the socialism, and these people have not been served a free choice to choose from. Naturally anyone trained in poverty can easily be turned against capitalism and become vilent or hostile. I think most Russian people do not like anyone besides their own kind or similar, but if this is the case, then they forget the same things like many immoral westerns – if you live like you do, please do not disturb your neighbor by trying to change him to choose your lifestyle. The other extreme are well of Russian people, which I rarely can understand. I simply do not like their customs or morale, and the same goes to many other nation and their inhabitants with no morale or ethics.
The only thing I respect after having seen all this is the intelligence, that normal Russian has got. One Russian once told me, that they have got a saying “if I am your boss, then you are an idiot, and if you are my boss, then I must be idiot?. This simplified example clarified, that Russian people are intelligent, but they still have much to learn. A simple thing like communism; you own your own single bed if you sleep on it unless you share it with someone at the same time. Some things just take too long time to understand. I have told Russian people already once, that Finnish government people screw up people life and property on idealogical and friendship bases. IN most cases reason for their mistake is communim or socialism in Stalinism or capitalism. In both cases these people must get rid of.

An other example of Finns following Marxism and Russia example can be seen in our end hiring policy; some large corporations are hiring people to do the job, that hired emoloyees are not qualified. In this way Finnish socialism 'can prove', that 'I do not have to be your boss, and you do not have to be my boss'. And the best part of all this is, that society pays the bill like in Soviet Union. This is why I do not believe in socialism or never will.

Stalin forgot, that he spread his idealogical decease among people with no or less education simply because he taught it was a good and right thing to do. Unfortunately knowing the human nature this is not the case. Responsibility come with the knowledge, experience and respect among your colleagues.

Only good thing about Stalin's run on Finland is the warning signs they placed on walls warning “Josef Stalin stayed overnight / lived here on his run from Russia between DD.MM.YYYY and DD.MM.YYYY?. Such warning signs can be found at least in Turku and Helsinki. In this way one knows, when one is on a red zone.

Why I do not like socialism or communist? In fact I came to an empty room from Häme to Vantaa just to find out, that in Tampere labor region, actually in red Valkeakoski, it is 'legal and allowed' to a police officer to allow a stranger access your apartment, so one can steal you private property. This is why I do not believe to Finland or its socialist regime.

Take a solicitor one says; no thanks, not any more. Last time the lawyer slept my wife in Tampere region without getting him charged. Just because he was a lawyer. -I believe more to guns in these days, that to law or judges. Personally I go for Jewish people's religions on splitting the woman and sending her pieces around the nation in stead of rocks, just to send the message, but you know how the things are in these days. One gets a ticket even by taking your own god out.
When local Toijala District Court Senion Judge (Lagman) tried to beat me, I lost the rest of my legal concept. There civil officials think they are allowed to anything they want. I do not feel pity towards these criminal any longer. The only thing keeping this nation from a civil war is the fact of businessmen not having realized yet how good black markets we have for illegal fire arms and military equipments.

Gentlemen, these are the horrors of socialism and communism, and I am prepared to protect my rights against these people with any possible way these is. And if you want to keep your wife, work, property and house, then I am suggesting you to do the same thing.

To let no one blame me as mentally ill I say having worked for several months time now for someone having taken a USA's security officials oath. This person is very caring and takes care of his business. Since I know he is not a communist or fascist, I may say with pure hart, that Finnish lawyers and policemen are either national socialists (i.e. Nazis) or else mentally ill.

A other good thing not to like Finland is very simple. How many of you has got a home? Well, the Tampere region socialists took mine away with false judgments and tried to use Finnish mass media run by SDP to mark me as a mentally ill person. Only a madman would not fight for his home, family, religion and land.

Each day it is more and more difficult to believe this nation. During the last few months there have been too many nation wise economical scandals related to income agreements were “Finnish Businesses' hand have been too deep in society's pocket?. Our end road constructors were caught on nation wide monopole agreement, our telecommunications is know to have monopolize, our construct business has got a monopole and our transit is no exception. This is why some of us have money and honest businessmen do not. This is also the reason, why foreign business looses its money in Finland. This is one the reasons, why I want my property out from these people. We are talking about corruption were our end government officials are involved to, and were their income come from. We are talking about 'the least corrupted nation', Finland. Do not believe any longer the socialist propaganda they send from Finnish Yle and STT, even this would not be their fault.

On more thing taught, sad thing is to see world wide, that people no longer make the difference to Holy Bible, according to which God had a chat with some of us. Like in the Jewish people case, they told to Moses, that he should spoke for them to God, because he was so powerful and they scared him so much. And later on Jewish priest Aron had a chat with someone they know as God Himself, not to forget how many 'mentally ill persons' we have in the old government – so, which one of us is right?
If any such thing would exist, why on earth you have to argue with those lunatics, who say they have faced someone? Most such issues are above what we understand or would like to understand, and if any such thing would take a place, than most governments and states would fall overnight. -I suppose it has to be one of the reasons, why most religionists have been blamed as mentally ill, in which case I must say they have quite a large genetic failure in Jewish families, or then some people have made very severe scientific mistake.
Gladly I do not like either one; people or God after I have seen how most of you care and carry your responsibility. Most mathematicians and physicians are telling little clues in their books about something else possibly existing, but most in mankind are only twisting world to gain power.

Last time I called to report some of these failures to CIA I find the same woman telling me 'stop calling CIA' – I suppose it is no wonder, that USA finds itself in continuous crises, since your security officials are not willing to put things right before they get out of hand. At least MI listened and is fully aware of the Finnish life style. In case this CIA's male official is a single, then I would respect if some USA male would take him out for a while. Usually, when women have something more important to think about, they can carry on working. And in case she is already married, then I am asking her husband to spend more time with his wife.

Apupoika – Business Intelligence Finland
Ake Tyvi

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