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Sign petition to try to stop Sharon from starving the Palestinian people to death!

It's outrageous that our government is supporting the racist, apartheid, murderous Jewish supremacist state of Israel. Sign the petition below to try to stop Sharon from starving the defenseless Palestinian people whose land is continuously being stolen from them to make way for Jewish supremacists aka Zionists. Note: Not all Jews are Zionists!
Open Gates to Allow Food into Gaza

Please find 5 minutes to sign the petition at:

Following its text:

To: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon We are appalled to hear that UNRWA has been forced to suspend its food aid in Gaza as a result of new Israeli regulations. The severe economic hardship of the children and adults in Gaza is well documented by US AID and other sources. Preventing the access of humanitarian aid will exacerbate already existing conditions of starvation and malnourishment.

Therefore, we individuals and organizations concerned with peace, justice, and human rights -- Israeli and international -- call upon the Israeli government to ensure that UNWRA and other relief agencies are able to continue their work or, alternatively, that Israel replace this aid with its own, and thereby ensure the well-being of the population, as mandated by the Fourth Geneva Convention.

We demand that the Israeli government address this matter with the utmost urgency, as human lives are at stake. We call upon the governments of other countries to lend weight to this humanitarian appeal, which is intended to secure Israel's compliance with its obligations under law as well as basic humanitarian values.

The Undersigned <>

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Re: Sign petition to try to stop Sharon from starving the Palestinian people to death!

Please cut and paste this message to your entire e-mail lists! Do something to stop this crime against humanity!

Re: Sign petition to try to stop Sharon from starving the Palestinian people to death!

"Sign petition to try to stop Sharon from starving the Palestinian people to death!"

LOL!!!! In a related story, the ZIONISTS have forced Suha Arafat to live in Paris on ONLY $100,000 per month!!
Meanwhile, back in Ramallah...Yasser is worth billions, all booty stolen form the "starving" palestinians.
In another related story, OIL SOAKED Arabs of the Middle East ignore their palestinian brothers
Crown Prince Abdullah said: "How can I feed the starving palestinians? I have more palaces to build, and I have to get some more Zodiacs for my Yacht!"

Make the PA provide intl. relief to its own people

This is another anonymous attack on Israel with not one word mentioning Palestinian violence as THE cause for the rigid security imposed by the IDF. Note, only two suicide bombers have come into Israel from Gaza in the past three years due to those rigid security measures. 107 have come from the West Bank (actually its Samaria and Judea)in the same time period.

The Palestinian Authority gets $125 million each month in foreign aid--but most is siphoned off by the elite members of the PA or is funneled to around a dozen terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade to fund their attacks on Israel. Arafat is reported to have a BILLION dollars in his own personal bank account. But this petition makes no reference to any of this, singling out Israel for all the blame.

So as the PA is wallowing in corruption, the Palestinian people live in poverty and struggle with malnutrition, and the terrorist groups continue their work unchecked.

A few years ago the Palestinians accused Israel of starving them and some Israeli officials met with members of the PA. The Palestinians said "We are starving here!" The Israelis said "Would you like us to provide you with food?" The PA members said "Um, we'll get back to you on that."

While I have not investigated the specifics in this appeal, I suspect it is just another attempt to smear the Israelis as evil and monsters. Before you sign this, check and see if the PA is distributing the existing aid given to its people before you jump to the conclusion that Israel is to blame.


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