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City Council Meeting and the SC BORDC

The Santa Cruz Bill of Rights Defense Committee wishes to announce that there will be a City Council Meeting this evening at 7PM dealing with Public Safety. We are hoping they have been convinced to pass a resolution stating the primacy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the actions of the Police Officers and Firefighters.

You may show your support by just showing up.
That is tonight Monday 19 April 2004 at 7PM,
at the City Council Chambers.

Our website is
There will be a meeting this evening at the Santa Cruz City Council dealing with public safety.

We are hoping the City Council will pass a resolution acknowledging the primacy of the US CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS in all these matters.

You may show your support by just politely showing up.

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Additional Info For Those Attending

The meeting tonight is not a full City Council meeting, but a meeting of its Public Safety Committee. Mayor Kennedy, Vice-Mayor Rotkin, and Councilmember Porter (at least as of last year) made up the Committee.

All three of them voted to disband the Citizens Police Review Board last year. All three of them voted for the Kennedy amendment in November 2002 that weakened the proposed city protections against the "Patriot" Act.

The meeting is not held in City Council chambers but in the small City Council support room right next to it.

Also on the agenda is further discussion of an informational flyer (which they've been working on for two years) describing a person's rights during a "police detention" (as distinguished from a police arrest).

The process as these meetings is usually rather informal. Folks sit around a big table (Councilmembers and staff included).

Rotkin has responded to requests for follow-up documents in the past. You have the right to tape record this meeting, if you wish.

If you intend to ask probing questions, it might be helpful for someone to record the dialogue, perhaps for those who aren't present.

I also encourage you to post any "results" that happen, even if, as is likely, there are no results other than "bring us another proposal" and/or "your current proposal violates the city charter".

It would also be helpful if the BORDC posted its latest proposal to City Council--the one that Kennedy dismissed at Oral Communications back in early February

This was the same meeting that Kennedy chastised the BORDC chair for having a "side conversation".


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