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"Checkpoint" on 41st Today, and Welfare for Capitola Cops

Capitola PD will be violating the 4th Amendment tonight on 41st avenue, intercepting, harrassing, searching, interrogating, and shaking-down innocent drivers.
The soldiers of Big Brother, paid for by another free welfare handout from Washington DC, will be violating the 4th Amendment (the right against search and seizure without a very specific warrant signed by a judge) on 41st Ave in Capitola today after 7p.

Under the banner of "sobriety inspections", this armed and dangerous gang will as usual be going well beyond the needs of public safety.

Having nothing to do with sobriety at all, they will be visually searching the cars of innocent drivers, as well as searching them by smell.

They will be checking IDs of drivers AND PASSENGERS. They will be looking for unpaid speeding taxes, unpaid property taxes, and even large amounts of cash to confiscate as "drug money" completely without evidence, AND THEN KEEP WITHOUT EVER CHARGING THE OWNER.

Come see the new American Police State of the 21st century. Come watch freedom and liberty die in America, one car at a time, by these terrorists.

41st Ave in Capitola, 7p til 1am

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Re: "Checkpoint" on 41st Today, and Welfare for Capitola Cops

Ooohhhh... 1984?
I thought they said it was 2004.

Fascism has ceased to creep and has broken a healthy trot on its way to a full speed sprint.

You would think that some of these city and county leaders would be alarmed by this but I guess when the cops say jump they only want to know how high.

The gradual rise of the 4th Reich

The impliment these things one at a time, conditioning us gradually, so people don't notice the encroaching police state. They are now microchipping animals, kids, alziemer patients, military personel etc. Within a few short years, microchipping will be "normal". They will stage a few events where an child is taken and then found by the gps system, or an older alziemers patients, and of course lots of found pets. Then more and more people will want them.

Check: for the latest on the police state.


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