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5/2: Reclaim the Commons Action Spokescouncil

First Spokescouncil May 2nd
4-6 pm
San Francisco
St. Boniface Church, 133 Golden Gate Drive
spokes_bw.pdf (35 k)
RECLAIM THE COMMONS: West Coast G8/Biotech Mobilization
June 8!
First Spokescouncil May 2nd
4-6 pm
San Francisco
St. Boniface Church, 133 Golden Gate Drive
housing needs: bayareahousing (at)
mobilization details & updates:

the WTO's stalled, the FTAA's collapsing ("dead" is how hugo chavez put
it), and the iraq occupation is opening hearts and minds of all sorts of
folks that never questioned the u.s. government before.

NOW is the time to mobilize, to show our resistance to the ideology of
greed and demonstrate the world we want. Reclaim the Commons is a call to
assert our right to all those things needed to provide a healthy life on
earth - those things which have been and continue to be commodified by the
ruling class - things like water, air, land, education, information, our
ecosystems and public & political space.

on june 8th, when the G8 convenes off the coast of georgia, the most
powerful lobby in the united states - the biotech-pharmaceutical industry
- will be holding its annual meeting of industry execs and lobbyists.
this year's event is scheduled for san francisco.

we'll be there.

more pertinently, the reclaim the commons scenario group is calling for a
shut-down of the biotech-pharmaceutical meeting (BIO2004) and related
events on june 8th. in the days surrounding that a variety of other
doings are planned: a "no war in iraq, no war on the commons" march on
june 6th followed by a "really, really free market," a day of racial and
economic justice actions, and a greening day that focuses on our vision of
the better world we know is possible - food forests, plant giveaways, alt.
fuels, water harvesting, reclaiming public spaces, building occupations...

it will be a beautiful experience. and we need you...and about 10,000 of
your closest share in it and make it Happen.

talk to your affinity groups, communities and networks, and make sure to
send a representative with ideas of numbers and "action levels" to spokes.
breathtaking visions of resistance also welcomed. we'll talk about the
general framework for actions leading up to and beyond june 8th, and set
the gears in motion for a revolutionary week.

there will also be actions taking place in the bay on april 30th and may
1st to oppose the iraq war. come down for spokes early and participate in
those. details on the 4/30 - 5/1 actions are at

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