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West Coast G8 Regional Mobilization in San Francisco

Call to action for a West Coast G8 regional mobilization in San Francisco from June 3 - June 10.
West Coast G8 Regional Convergence Call to Action
San Francisco, California : June 3 - June 10, 2004

Call for a West Coast mass mobilization and direct action from June 3rd-9th of 2004 in San Francisco in solidarity with the mobilization against the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Sea Island, Georgia:

This summer, June 8 - 10, the 8 leaders (plus the European Commission president) who represent the world's richest countries will meet at Sea Island, Georgia -- an exclusive resort in the middle of the ocean. We don't need to rub in the fact that this location was selected because it keeps away the one thing that always ruins the G8 meetings: people.

This year, a clear message needs to be sent to the G8. More than that, we in the United States urgently need to send a message of solidarity to everyone resisting the ruling class's adventures around the world. Part of the message is that moving summits to obscure locations will not stop us from using the occasion as a chance to be in the streets and show opposition to what the summit represents.

But we have a lot more business to settle than that.

Chirac may have wooed US liberals with his half-hearted war opposition, but when he helped orchestrate this year's coup in Haiti we were reminded that he's just another imperial criminal, pissed off about France's hegemonic losses in the Middle East. We'll march against the shallowness and failure of European social democracy with Chancellor Schroeder in mind. For the "KGB capitalist" Putin, we'll march for Chechens who are still suffering under his disgusting war. All of us now follow the privatization of Canada -- and after Quebec City, none of us really believed that Chretien was different from anyone in the White House.

For Berlusconi -- probably the most obvious thug amongst them all, who presided over the assassination of Carlo Giuliani when we met the G8 in Genoa, we have no message -- only hatred. For Koizumi, we march in soldarity with Japanese protesters, with Kadena and Iwakuni and Sasebo and Yokota on our minds.

And for Bush and Blair, the two cowards who have never seen combat in their lives, who have solely taken on the bulk of responsibility for pushing a new era of butcherism on the world ... we're taking to the streets especially for them.

We recognize the call from G8 Resistance for regional mobilizations in the U.S. against the G8 this year. Encouraged by calls to action by the UK-Dissent! network, we hope these mobilizations occur around the globe.

We call for a U.S. West Coast Regional Mobilization against the G8 in San Francisco, lasting from June 3 until June 10, to overlap with protests which will be occurring here against the biotechnology annual industry conference. We will converge in our city and fight on our own terms!

West Coast G8

West Coast G8 is a coalition of various affinity groups throughout the western states. The West Coast G8 mobilization will take place in solidarity with the Reclaim the Commons mobilization, taking place in San Francisco from June 3rd to June 9th. We will be announcing more detailed plans shortly.


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