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Michael Moore: Expose the 9-11 coverup!

9-11 ACTION ALERT - Reaching out to Michael Moore.

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9/11 Truth activists and concerned citizens,

Please help us reach out to Michael Moore and encourage
him to further expand the boundaries of allowable 9/11
discourse! Everything you need is in this email, or you
can view the full action alert here:

Thank you,

Emanuel Sferios
Webmaster, 9-11 Visibility Project


Michael Moore is the Academy Award winning director of
Bowling for Columbine, and author of the best-selling
book, Dude, Where's My Country? A progressive filmmaker
with celebrity status, Mike has produced a new
documentary about 9/11 titled Fahrenheit 911, set to be
released very soon. Documenting Bush's ties to Saudi
Arabia, Fahrenheit 911 may end up exposing deeper
levels of US government complicity, or it might simply
blame Saudi Arabia for 9/11, inadvertantly helping set
the stage for another US oil-invasion. In any case,
after its release, Mike will be in a position to reach
millions of people on the 9/11 issue through his
speaking events and media appearances. Let's email Mike
and suggest ways he can further expand the boundaries
of allowable 9/11 debate!


(Feel free to copy and paste, but keep in mind it is
always better to use your own words. If you do copy and
paste the sample letter, please preface it by saying,
"I endorse the following letter from the 9-11
Visibility Project." Similarly, if you borrow long
phrases from the sample letter, you may want to
indicate that it's a quote by saying something like, "I
endorse the 9-11 Visibility Project action alert
statement that..." This way each letter makes its own
personal statement without being repetitive.)

Dear Mike,

Thank you for producing Fahrenheit 911. I can't wait to
see the film! As Ed Asner has recently stated in a
letter to the peace and justice community
9/11 is one of the most pressing issues for our country
and the world today. Your willingness to tackle this
serious issue is commendable and truly patriotic.

Along these lines, I would like to strongly encourage
you to continue to push the boundaries of allowable
discourse around 9/11. Much evidence exists that
elements within our government were complicit in the
attacks. For example, the unprecedented failure of our
air defense systems on the day of 9/11 -- violating
standard FAA and NORAD operating procedures for dealing
with errant or hijacked aircraft -- and the fact that
not a single person has been reprimanded as a result,
strongly indicate that somewhere in the chain of
command a "stand down" order was given.

And there is much more evidence pointing towards US
government complicity that is not being investigated.
For a sober and rational analysis of this evidence, I
highly recommend the book, The New Pearl Harbor, by
Professor and Theologian David Ray Griffin. This book
is endorsed by activist and historian Howard Zinn, and
Princeton University professor and human rights lawyer
Richard Falk has written the foreword. Here is an
interview with Dr. Griffin published in the Santa
Barbara Independent:

I would also like to draw your attention to a
potentially very serious issue relating to 9/11 and the
Bush-Saudi connections. While these connections are
certainly real and warrant full exposure, there are
also strong indications that higher elements within the
CIA and Pentagon are advancing/spinning these
connections in the media in order to deflect attention
away from their own complicity in 9/11 as well as set
the stage for a possible future invasion of Saudi
Arabia (for oil, of course).

So as you courageously expose the Bush-Saudi
connections through your film, speaking events and
media appearances, please keep this in mind, and
consider expanding the permissible boundaries of
discourse around 9/11 by addressing some of these
issues, as well as the evidence presented in Dr.
Griffin's excellent book, which Ed Asner has

Thank you and keep up the great work!


The 9-11 Visibility Project team


Email Quick-List
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mmflint (at), mike (at),
webmaster (at)

(Please send your emails to both addresses above, and
remember to cc webmaster (at) so we
can keep a record of how many emails are sent out.)


Michael Moore is a popular celebrity. He has many fans
around the country and the world. Equally important as
getting our message to Mike himself is getting our
message to his fans and to other progressives. So

Forward this action alert to as many individuals,
lists, and web forums as you can! Encourage others to

(To receive more 9-11 action alerts similar to this
one, sign up at at the
top-right hand side of the page.)

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