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Conservatives plot to illegally cut trees in Santa Cruz

Conservatives conspire to poison trees.
Conservative right wing nuts are conspiring to illegally cut trees in Santa Cruz area. Since these wise-use goons don't like local tree preservation ordinances, they feel poisoning and girdling the trees on their property is a viable method of circumventing the rules. Here is the link to get to where they are discussing how and why to do this:

If you are concerned about this call the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department and tell them it has come to your attention that information is being spread on on ways to illegally poison trees, and several other methods of killing them for purposes of beating local tree ordinances. James Robinson, the owner of the website has commented during the discussion, so he is well aware of the illegal plotting underway there and has taken no measures to stop the encouragemant of these illegal activitys.

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Re: Conservatives plot to illegally cut trees in Santa Cruz

Here's just part of the discussion going on there:

To: Duramaximus
I'm sure some roundup drilled into the roots would probably acomplish the same thing only faster.

36 posted on 06/21/2003 6:50:26 PM PDT by DannyTN (Note left on my door by a pack of neighborhood dogs.)
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To: Jonez712
Well, hammer some big copper nails into the tree trunks and wait awhile, then (presumably) you can cut down dead trees, no? Maybe a healthy dose of 'Roundup" on the leaves would do the trick, I don't know.

But truthfully? I would get out of that toilet as fast as my legs can run. Flee. Just get out. Don't end up like those white farmers in Zimbabwe who stuck it out for too long, hoping against hope for a miracle, only to end up either murdered or with their farms confiscated from under them.

The time to get out of that foul pisspot is NOW.

Good luck,

37 posted on 06/21/2003 6:58:05 PM PDT by Lancey Howard

Re: Conservatives plot to illegally cut trees in Santa Cruz

Well, you have to admit that it's a little rediculous that you need a permit to do yard work. Obviously if someone is going to clearcut their property, that has effects on the surrounding properties due to water quality and erosion, but a permit to cut one or two trees down? Seems excessive.


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