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CAFTA The Trojan Calf

Because it is such a broad issue, free trade is a difficult topic to convey to the public. In it's struggle to oppose CAFTA- the Central American Free Trade Agreement, Quest for Peace has created a short flash film which it hopes will highlight some of those problems found in free trade agreements.
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Dear friends,

Never thought international trade laws would make you laugh? Check this out:

It's a biting, two-minute movie called "CAFTA -- The Trojan Calf." Its
message -- that the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) has been
presented to Central America as a gift, but like the Trojan Horse, it's
really a vehicle for American corporations to secretly invade new markets.
It's an important story that will keep you smiling, and hopefully inspire
you to action. (Make sure you watch for the kicker at the end!)

After watching the movie you can join with thousands of others in
rejecting CAFTA by signing a full-page ad to appear in the NY Times the
first of June. Congress may vote on the agreement as early as July.

We hope you like the movie, and we encourage you to pass it along to your
family and friends.

Enjoy the show!
The Quest for Peace Staff

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