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Excuse me. Could you please say it again, Sam?

President Tarja Halonen has not been listening her citizen on problems small business faces or on human rights. Why and what has been the true deepest reason for this act?

FINLAN – Rumours on Mrs Marja Halonen, President of Finland, have finally been confirmed by President's Press manager Maria Romantschuk; Tarja Halonen, 60 years old, does use hearing aid – in fact she has been using one over a year.

For long time now I have been wondering, why Mrs President does not listen her citizen on problems small business faces or human rights violation we have.
Now I understand, why she has not been listening, but instead she has been travelling around the globe in stead of taking her continental duties. - Naturally a deaf socialist can not hear, which explains why she has been having difficulties in hearing citizen. Since Mrs President has now got one, then it may only come to understanding things?

Honestly and I sincerely do hope she gets well.

Åke Tyvi
Apupoika - Business Intelligence Finland

Source on Mrs Presidents hear aid:

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