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FootPrints For Peace - 1000 Mile Four Directional Run

1000 Mile Four Directional Run for "All Life Is Sacred" begins this month. Please join us in spreading peace.
"When the runners/walkers come together once again at Kickapoo to carry the message "All Life Is Sacred" we will be renewing an ancient tradition that transcends time, place, and culture. We sacrifice all to simply carry the message; we run and walk to keep alive the Spirit, Ceremony, and Prayer. It is an ideal convergence of Spirituality, Ceremony, support,activism, health, camping, and renewal of ancient traditions that unite us all. Mutual effort, sacrifice, and simple action for the common good, teaches us that we are all part of one human family. Plus for those of us that have traveled the road in this way, we have discovered that it simply makes us feel good." - Larry Crane, 5/3/2004

Starting on May 13th 2004 a group of runners from all over the world will
gather at the Kickapoo Indian Reservation to pray with their feet.

Running to the four directions over a four-day period covering 1,000 miles
and carrying with them the message that "All Life Is Sacred".

In the evenings we will spend time learning about each other and the different
political and environmental issues that each of us work on.

All are welcome to participate in this multi-cultural event.

This is a spiritual event no DRUGS or ALCOHOL will be permitted.

Participating in this event are Jim Toren, Jon Blickenstaff, Jon Burkindine,
Larry Crane, Fran Hardaway, Dale Van Fleet, Becky Stracener, Tyler Vega
and Laural Mason all veteran runners associated with FootPrints For Peace.
Many others will be joining this run. Please join us and take part in our
message for peace. Remember, you don't have to run. Walkers, support drivers,
just folks who want to come and visit, all are most welcome

Jim Toren
Email: ffpindy (at)

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