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The rise of the 4th Reich

Patriotic Acts of Abuse

By Ted Lang

05/04/04 "ICH" -- As another writer pointed out, Bush's sycophantic dim bulbs on talk radio ask if you've lost any freedoms yet under Patriot Acts I & II, or the coming III, IV, V and on and on. Get ready - you will!

Isn't it amazing how United States government intelligence organizations couldn't protect the 3,000 lives lost on 9-11 in spite of the fact that they had ample information that it was coming? Isn't it amazing that government intelligence couldn't produce weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? But isn' t it even more amazing how US intelligence and the CIA were able to launch a successful program of torture and murder of defenseless Iraqi prisoners in blatant violation of the Geneva Convention?

Reflect upon how Attorney General John Ashcroft can intimidate FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds with prison for testifying to the United States Senate to expose intelligence information the FBI had concerning the impending 9-11 terrorist acts, and real breaches of national security, and get away with that without being challenged by anyone in government, the ACLU, or the corporate media.

Isn't it comforting to know that Jose Padilla can be made to disappear inside those very same prison systems Sibel Edmonds was threatened with by our noble, upstanding, God-fearing Attorney General and his very religious president? And isn't it easy to see how Padilla could wind up at either Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib prisons, now concentration camps for American Government? Isn't it easy to see how Sibel Edmonds could wind up there too? After all, Minister of Justice Ashcroft threatened her with jail if she talked by invoking the State Secrets Privilege Law as requested of him by FBI Director Robert Mueller, another weapon of President Bush's secret police state government.

What excuse can now be offered as regards actual military combatants? Aren' t these hapless victims of President George W. [Wehrmacht] Bush's imperial army? Aren't these captured Iraqi combatants and soldiers? What excuse is now being used to justify the Bush administration's violation of the Geneva Convention? I'm sure the denizens of talk radio will have both a ready explanation and a legal defense prepared.

Jose Padilla is an American citizen, and had no weapons of either minor or mass destruction. I doubt he even owned a gun. Why have his constitutional rights been suspended? Why isn't he being charged with a crime? Why can't he see a lawyer, or talk to a member of his family? What about Miranda? What about that "one phone call?" What about habeas corpus?

My apologies for the barrage of questions, but the real problem here is that the criminal Bush administration has no adequate answers for any of them! Who should we really fear the most, the Iraqis, al-Qaeda or the out-of-control criminal Bush administration that has suspended our Bill of Rights via the USA Patriot Act, a law the Congress approved without even bothering to read?

George Bush and John Ashcroft can bypass the Constitution and designate anyone an "enemy combatant," thereby bringing them under the jurisdiction of this illegal, unconstitutional, and abusive police state law. And the Bush administration has amply demonstrated their dedication to the real patriotic foundations of our nation's protection of individual freedoms by lying to the people and its Congress to involve US in an unjust an unnecessary war in Iraq.

The similarities between the Bush administration and the administration of Adolf Hitler are growing by the day. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush was a heavy investor in Hitler's Nazi war machine, which was used to murder millions of innocent people. Hitler believed God was on his side. Prescott Bush and W. Averell Harriman were principals in the international banking firm of Brown Brothers Harriman, the chief banking institution behind Hitler and his Nazis. This is how the Bush family acquired its great wealth.

When Hitler needed justification to attack his ally, the former Soviet Union in 1941, he too initiated a preemptive war using alleged Soviet terrorism as justification. He passed the "Commissar Act," authorizing hideous abuses and genocide for the Russian masses and their bureaucrats. To apply the principles of his version of the "Patriot Act," he coined the term "enemy citizens." This is how Hitler intended to deal with his Russian Jose Padillas and Sibel Edmonds. Notice the similarity between the Commissar Act 's enemy citizens and the Patriot Act's enemy combatants. And please don't forget our 1968 federal Gun Control Act is a carbon copy of Hitler's 1938 Gun Control Act, except that the term "Jew" is missing.

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