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Schwarzenegger and Democrats Gut Workers’ Compensation in California

Member of the Executive Board of SEIU Local 415 and a delegate to the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council issues statement opposing recent changes to workers' compensation.
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Schwarzenegger and Democrats Gut Workers’ Compensation in California

Last year Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking of the changes he was proposing stated, “I do not want to move the boxes around, I want to blow them up.? With the backing of the vast majority of state representatives, Democrat and Republican alike, this is exactly what Schwarzenegger has done to workers’ compensation. Both parties have handed a gigantic victory to their corporate backers, especially the insurance industry, on the backs of injured workers.

This new law that took effect immediately after being signed on April 20th forces workers to seek the medical care and injury assessments of company doctors selected by employers in an HMO-style doctor’s pool. Doctors of a worker’s own choosing are ruled out unless they are pre-designated before the injury, while doctors who have a financial stake in finding you well will dictate your medical treatment as well as potential compensation.

With the new law, the definition of what makes a worker fully disabled will be re-written to include fewer disabled workers. Doctors are now directed to use the anti-worker guidelines of the American Medical Association (AMA). The proposal to use these same guidelines is currently being rejected in New York by the state’s labor movement there. In addition, in California, a two-year cap has been placed on payments for most workers with partial disabilities although exceptions do include amputations and burns where the five-year cap still applies.

Making matters much worse, the burden of proof that an injury took place on the job now falls on the worker. A person hurt while working alone that has no witnesses will have a much harder time getting the compensation they need. The possibility of outside judicial review of the decisions made in special workers’ compensation courts is also eliminated.

Schwarzenegger argued that compensating workers for their on the job injuries was costing employers too much money through higher insurance rates and thus, was costing California jobs. Upon signing the new legislation on April 20th he said, "Today I delivered on my promise to create real workers' compensation reform. This bill completes a process that brought together Republicans and Democrats, business and labor, and all the affected parties to produce billions of dollars in savings, protect workers, and root out fraud and waste in the system. No longer will workers' compensation be the poison of our economy. Our message to the rest of the country and the world, is that California is open for business. We are making our state once again a powerful, job-creating machine."

Will insurance rates for employers actually go down as a result of this new legislation, or will this just translate into higher profits for the insurance industry? This is hard to say for certain, but if there is real competition in the insurance industry there should be some decrease. Thus the profitability of the capitalists will be assured by simply disposing of responsibility for workers once they become injured and useless for exploitation. The human beings who create capitalist wealth are to be treated like spent machinery and injuries that are often due to employer criminal negligence will often no longer be compensated.

Workers in other states should beware of the state-by-state race to the bottom in workers compensation that this signals. The need for a nationwide workers’ compensation bill that assures all workers are equally covered across the nation has become very clear.

There is a working class solution to this entire problem. That solution is called single payer health care. Under a single payer plan the waste in profits that go to the insurance company middlemen is eliminated. Instead, all pay into a universal system through our taxes that is cheaper and covers everyone. No longer will workers or the unemployed be uninsured, nor would employers be responsible for the skyrocketing insurance rates to cover their workers.

Instead of advocating and fighting for this obvious alternative to cuts in workers’ compensation, the top leadership of the AFL-CIO took a neutral position on the bill and the Democrat Party in the state of California backed Schwarzenegger’s plan. The lack of action on the part of the labor federation’s president, Tom Rankin, in opposition to Schwarzenegger’s bill amount to nothing less than a total betrayal of the members who pay his salary with our dues.

There is no excuse for Rankin’s lack of action and he should be removed from his post. The explanation put forward for Rankin’s support for the bill were extremely minor differences between the bill that was passed and the wording of a Schwarzenegger backed ballot initiative that would be on the ballot had this bill not passed.

Likewise the almost total support of the Democrats in the State Senate and State Assembly points to the bankruptcy of the union strategy of giving away our dues money to elect Democrats.

Like Tom Rankin, the excuse of the Democrats for their vote was that Schwarzenegger was threatening to bring the issue to the voters and had the signatures to put it on the ballot. Yet the worst possible outcome that could have come from that would have been loosing, the same out come that occurred due to the Democrat votes. Small changes like giving partially injured workers two more months of compensation amount to nothing when looking at the scope of the entire bill.

Voting for the bill in the State Senate were: Aanestad, Ackerman, Alpert, Ashburn, Battin, Bowen, Brulte, Burton, Cedillo, Chesbro, Denham, Ducheny, Figueroa, Florez, Hollingsworth, Johnson, Karnette, Kuehl, Machado, Margett, McClintock, McPherson, Morrow, Murray, Oller, Ortiz, Perata, Poochigian, Romero, Sher, Soto, Speier, and Torlakson.

Voting against the bill in the State Senate were: Alarcon, Dunn, and Escutia.

Voting for the bill in the State Assembly were: Aghazarian, Bates, Benoit, Berg, Bermudez, Bogh, Calderon, Campbell, Canciamilla, Chan Chavez, Chu, Cogdill, Cohn, Corbett, Correa, Cox, Daucher, Diaz, Dutra, Dutton, Dymally, Firebaugh, Frommer, Garcia, Harman, Haynes, Jerome, Horton, Shirley, Horton, Houston, Keene, Kehoe, Koretz, La Malfa, La Suer, Laird, Leno, Leslie, Levine, Lieber, Liu, Longville, Lowenthal, Maddox, Maldonado, Matthews, Maze, McCarthy, Montanez, Mountjoy, Mullin, Nakanishi, Nakano, Nation, Negrete, McLeod, Oropeza, Pacheco, Parra, Pavley, Plescia, Reyes, Richman, Ridley-Thomas, Runner, Salinas, Samuelian, Simitian, Spitzer, Steinberg, Strickland, Vargas, Wesson, Wiggins, Wolk, Wyland, Yee, and Nunez

Voting against the bill in the State Assembly were: Goldberg, Hancock, and Jackson.

The chairman of the California Democratic Party, Art Torres, blamed the vote outcome on Schwarzenegger's influence stating, "No governor has had at his command the rapt attention of the business community and the enormous donations to do as he wants. To use the initiative process and the strong-arm tactics that characterize this administration, I don't think it is right."

The response of organized labor should be that if the Democrats actually didn’t think the bill was right they should have fought Schwarzenegger instead of backing him.

Break with the anti-labor Democrat Party to run and support our own candidates!

Reverse the gutting of workers’ compensation in California! Defend worker’s compensation elsewhere!

For single payer health care as the alternative to abandoning injured workers!

Fire Tom Rankin to save our union from those who’ve forgotten what it was like to be a worker!

Steve Argue is a member of the Executive Board of SEIU Local 415 and a delegate to the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council and a candidate for delegate to the SEIU’s international convention. He is also a member of the Santa Cruz and State Central Committees of the Peace and Freedom Party.

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Re: Schwarzenegger and Democrats Gut Workers’ Compensation in California

Under the "Workers' Comp Deal" workers are now forced to choose from a pool of doctors approved by the employers. In reality, workers comp will only be given to only the obviously maimed or dead. This is an astounding betrayal of workers rights by the AFL-CIO.

The employers and their government are cutting costs by punishing workers for the high rates charged by the very profitable insurance companies. In the State of Washington, the State handles workers comp for much lower rates.

A Labor Federation should insist of workers safety and develop their own program for workers safety and form worker safety committees in every union, instead of being in a "partnership with capital" defending profits for the "good employers," and applauding the Demcratic Party.

Every year, more than 60,000 people in the United States die from preventable diseases caused by exposure to chemicals and other agents in the workplace; about 7,000 of these individuals are Californians. Of the 900,000 people who are diagnosed with an occupational disease each year, 135,000 live and work in California. Workers in the state of California face not only a growing danger on the job but also attacks on worker's comp rights and protections and, even more workers are killed or fatality injured due to negligence by employers and thousands more workers are being seriously injured due to stress on the job, poor ergonomics and other safety conditions.

The death rates and maimed rates will only get higher as it now becomes for more profitable for the employer not to be safe.

Re: Schwarzenegger and Democrats Gut Workers’ Compensation in California

This is Hank Ramey. I have gathered 65 Signatures on the Notice of Intention to Recall Arnold. The next obstacle is getting about $200 to publish it in the Paramount Journal. Please tell your Union that we're going to need all the help that we can get, and hopefully we'll have Petitions ready in a month.

Re: Schwarzenegger and Democrats Gut Workers’ Compensation in California

Good article pointing out the faults in the workers comp bill. One thing I would add, having been through the grueling battle, is that the managers at every work place be held responsible for health and safety on the job, and if a worker dies on the job or is injured, then IF management is found lax in their responsibility to provide a healthy and safe workplace, then criminal charges can be brought against them. If there is no penalty for injury or death, and the worker is covered by single payer, then why should the boss make necessary adjustments to prevent such injuries? It just would eat into their greedy thirst for profits!

Re: Schwarzenegger and Democrats Gut Workers’ Compensation in California

I am an injured worker but was compensated before the Govenor signed in the new law. My compensation was fair and just thanks to my lawyer, Michael Rucka, Salinas, Ca.
What scares me about our Governor is he knows just enough to make him dangerous. What he is saying is that all injured workers are scamming the system and therefore should be punished accordingly. I deeply resent the message he has sent to America. He should step into my shoes for one day and that would bring him to his knees. A sad day when he left the movies. His brain goes no further then his neck.


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