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Why no outrage over murder of pregnant mom and 4 kids?

With the hew and cry over the "brutal Zionist occupation" of "Palestinian lands" by many leftists locally in Santa Cruz, the absolute silence over the point-blank shooting deaths of a 6 month pregnant mother and her four daughters rates a huge silence by these same loudmouths. You have to wonder why? Can it be that the victims were Jewish so therefore their deaths were "deserved"? The following is a selection from an article written by Rachel Raskin-Zrihen called "And still the world remains silent".
"There are only a couple of possible explanations for why the world is not out even now, protesting the intentional murder of a pregnant woman and her four young daughters by Palestinian gunmen.

I think it's clear that had the shooters been Israeli soldiers and the victims a Palestinian family, millions of righteously indignant protesters would have hit the streets and the airwaves calling for the capture and punishment of the murderers and, no doubt, the immediate dismantling of "the Zionist entity."

They do that when a Palestinian civilian gets unintentionally caught in the crossfire. They do it when actual gunmen and terrorists are killed. They do it when fences are constructed to keep the killers out. They do it when terrorists' houses - their houses, not their families - are destroyed. They do not do it when defenseless Jewish women and children are gunned down in the street.

There are only a limited number of explanations for this - none of them very pleasant.

One must realize that we are talking about the intentional murder of a pregnant woman and four little girls. Someone had to take aim at and shoot an obviously pregnant woman and four small children ages 2 to 11. This was not a case of accidental collateral damage. This was a targeted killing. And, I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no moral equivalency between the targeted killing of an armed (or even an unarmed) terrorist mastermind, and the murder of an unarmed pregnant woman and her children, no matter how much certain people would like there to be."

Food for thought people. Perhaps the reporting on Israel found here on is biased against the Jews?

The new-antisemiticism includes historical revisionism where in 1948 the fledgling nation of Israel was not attacked by the combined Arab forces of five nations outnumbering them 10 to 1 in their attempt to finish the work Hitler had started. Now we hear from the leftist "experts" that the true history of 1948 is that the Israelis "drove out 650,000 Palestinians from their ancestral homes". No word about the genocidal Arab violence at the time. That piece of history has been rewritten so that the tiny, heroic efforts of the Israelis are now the "brutal zionist colonialist invasion and occupation of Palestinian lands." You know, Hitler did the same thing. He blamed the Polish for the brutal treatment of the German citizens before marching into Poland and taking it over, killing millions in the process.

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Re: Why no outrage over murder of pregnant mom and 4 kids?

Read about a solution to the conflict that has compassion for all involved at

Tikkun does not have the answer

Tikkun blames Israel almost exclusively for the conflict. I don't consider Tikkun a good source for answers on how to bring peace to the region.

Tikkun describes the conflict as that of an occupied people resisting oppression, when the ONLY issue is this, do the Jewish people have the right to exist as a Jewish State in the mideast?


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