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Fascism Never Resigns, It Must Be Removed.

"The last time a nation past the Patriot Act and Home Land Security the first questions they asked were- Who is the Jew? Who is the Communist? Who is the Homosexual?"
Fascism Never Resigns, It Must Be Removed.

By Lloyd Hart

"The last time a nation past the Patriot Act and Home Land Security the first questions they asked were- Who is the Jew? Who is the Communist? Who is the Homosexual?"

Let us be very clear, Nixon was removed from power. His resignation and final wave from the helicopter were simply just a fascist's attempt at spinning it the other way and liberals letting him get away with it. The technical flaw in Nixon's removal was that he was not tried and put in jail. The fact that Nixon did not spend one day in jail emboldened American fascism to reorganize to try again later in the form of the Reagan-Bush years. Which then lead to the Iran-Contra affair from which, "coincidentally", torture sprang forth. The technical flaw in the Reagan-Bush crimes is that no one suffered any serious consequences for their actions and in fact Reagan and Bush were allowed to use their plausible deniability card to advance their political careers. George Herbert Walker Bush was never truly taken to task for giving Saddam Hussien the green light to invade Kuwait. George Herbert Walker Bush should have been impeached for leading America into the first Gulf War on false pretences but the pissing in their pants liberals did nothing allowing American fascism to manifest in the much more viral and pernicious form that confronts us today.

It must be said that America has always been a fascist nation after all committing mass genocide on a scale world had never seen before against the Native American population and the mass enslavement of Africans both of which to this day makes what Nazi Germany and their European fascist partners did in World War Two look like (yes, even though more organized, systematic and less drunk but yet still) a secondary event by comparison. And in fact if it hadn't been for American fascism (Ford, IBM, GM, Harriman/Brown Brothers, Standard Oil, Etc. Etc.) funding Nazi German fascism European fascism would had been crushed by democracy long before Hitler could rise.

War, mass genocide, torture, murder, rape, setting up and creating the pretext to war are all hallmarks of fascism and especially American fascism. With the Native Americans the White hordes arriving from Europe were told that the Native American were godless heathens that rape women, murder and eat children creating the shoot first ask questions later policies that rubbed out 30 million + Native Americans. With the Africans it was the same but the African however would be used for hard labor.

American fascism even went so far as to back the White Russians against the legitimate peasant uprising against is the Czar allowing the more violent and reactionary elements of the Russian Revolution to rise and eventually give power to Stalin.

For the American fascists in the 20's and 30's of the 20th-century it was to stop Jewish migration from Europe to America. So American fascism became benefactors for European fascism and specifically German fascism who then used the burning of the Reichstag to ratchet upward the persecution and murder of Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, the Liberals and the Jews all of whom were associated with (in fascist propaganda such as Henry Ford's "International Jew") Jewish cabals bent on destroying capitalism. This of course led to the deaths of millions of Jews, Gypsies a large portion of the European political left.

In Vietnam it was the Gulf of Tonkin incident manufactured by U.S. military which lead to over 2 million Vietnamese slaughtered. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was very similar to what Reagan-Bush tried with Libya having the U.S. Navy enter Libyan waters and to the shooting down of an airliner flying out of Iran. The Sandinistas of course, were godless Communists threatening America's southern border so having the CIA torture infant children to death in front of their peasant farming parents in Nicaragua in the 1980's was part of winning the Cold War.

Now that it has become perfectly clear that George Bush ordered vice admiral Fry to order NORAD and the Air Guard to stand down from their civil aviation partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration in June of 2001 clearly allowing the attacks on September 11, 2001 to occur it is as clear as day that American fascism in the form of the Bush regime based all of its actions since September 11, 2001 in attempting to fulfill a global fascist agenda on the September 11, 2001 attacks and "coincidentally" on the eve of and most likely in reaction to the collapse of the global food and fresh water supply brought on by deforestation, global warming and climate change or as one might conclude the long-term affects of continued fascism.

There has never been a time in American fascist history when the U.S. military officer corps was so completely united in culture and purpose with the executive branch of the U.S. government. In other words the reason we are seeing no resignations from the Bush regime is because the worst is yet to come and fascists in this deep stick together in purpose and cause. If there are no rats leaving the ship the ship is not sinking.

The Liberal tactic of give them enough rope and before long they will hang themselves is exactly what the fascists were counting on. For Democrats to play shocked and horrified over what happened in the Abu Ghraib prison is totally disingenuous when many of the same Democrats turned the other way when evidence of U.S.-sponsored torture in the Vietnam War came to surface while Johnson was still in office. Democrats also were aware of the U.S. sponsored torture that was occurring in South and Central America in the 1980's including the fact the Nazi Claus Barbie, the butcher of Lyon was involved.

Everyone knows except for the grotesquely ignorant, that torture has been a part of every major and minor American military and political push. Even though many more Americans were involved Canadian "peacekeepers" that fell under U.S. command in Somalia in 1992-93 came under suspicion and were court-martialed by the Canadian authorities for torturing Somali prisoners of war. The issue though known by the U.S. press and politicians did not proceed past the top secret report stage in the U.S..

With Democrats campaigning to the right and the Republicans claiming to be the true democrats with their "global revolution to bring democracy" to the rest of the world both the conservative and liberal elites, I think have become completely detached from reality. If they keep going down this gas guzzling Interstate highway to Hell a global French Revolution will be the only revolution American fascism will lead us to.

What was it that they shouted from the streets? "Off with their heads?"

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