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Inflatable George W Bushes for the masses to smack around

San Francisco CA.- May 11, 2004 - Just in time for the elections, controversial new George W. Bush Punching Dolls (Bop Bags) have been flooding the streets of America.
The 5-foot tall dolls have been spotted on concert stages, in protests and at high profile political gatherings. Most recently BOPBUSH.COM representatives were nearly arrested on the steps of the capital building in Sacramento. Reaction to the dolls has been overwhelming as the American public eagerly socks, bops and kicks the inflatable commander in chief.

No one is quite sure where these dolls are coming from or who the billionaire inventor behind them really is? All that can be determined so far is that the online enterprise known as BOPBUSH.COM has begun mass production of the caricature-like bop bags which can be purchased online at

“The economy is failing, Americans are outta work, our boys are overseas fightin’ some Daddy’s Boy war for oil,? exclaimed, R.J. Frasco BOPBUSH.COM spokesman. “Americans are tired of the lies and we’re ready to bop Bush out of office.? Frasco, a retired military general turned infomercial mega star was rumored to have been contracted last spring by the upstart toy company to head their public relations campaign.

“Before the elections in November, our mission at BOPBUSH.COM is to catalyze in people behaviors of resistance and rejection and to manifest public images of a collective desire to rid our country of corrupt leadership,? said, BOPBUSH inventor Hank McCormick.?Of course, not without a chuckle as you swing your fist for justice.? Unlike Frasco whose credentials are well known McCormick seems to be an international man of mystery.

With election time fast approaching, there’s no telling where the inflatable dictator will appear next. One thing is for sure, as the political climate heats up BOPBUSH.COM will be on the front lines with an improved W. that has consistently scored higher on IQ tests and has no opposition to coming under fire in the fray.
GO NOW! to BOPBUSH.COM and cast your vote for freedom.

“This is a blessing, I need one of these.? - Dyanna Carreon- Flagstaff, AZ.
“Your going straight to Guatanamo, havenʼt you heard of the patriot act?
- Doug Smolens- Santa Cruz, CA.
"This is beautiful, this is healthy!" - Seamus Hiestand- Los Angeles, Ca.

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