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9-11 Scam Update. Major Breakthroughs!

Dear 9/11 Truth activists and concerned citizens,

A number of AMAZING breakthroughs are taking place
right now within the 9/11 Truth movement. There are so
many, in fact, that we decided to compile them together
into this single ACTION newsletter, rather than send
them out one at a time. As such, this email is a bit
longer than our normal action alerts. Please don't be
put off by this! These are all VERY significant and
inspiring events! Please take the time to read through
each item. You won't be disappointed.

For example, the Family Steering Committee has released
a list of 19 questions they want the 9/11 commission to
ask former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani (item #3 below),
which include why the rubble from the World Trade
Center was illegally disposed of and not retained as
evidence for an investigation into the cause of the
buildings' collapse, and why WTC building #7 collapsed
despite having sustained very little damage.

And as usual we ask you to please participate in the
items that call for email action. Thanks to you, we
have been extraordinarily successful with our past
action alerts. For example, after receiving hundreds of
emails, Amy Goodman has agreed to have David Ray
Griffin on Democracy Now! This is a tremendous success!
Now we are asking everyone to please send thank-you
emails (item #2 below). Michael Moore has also received
hundreds of emails in response to our action alert a
few weeks ago. You can read some of the letters people
wrote to him here:

Once again, thank you for everything you are doing to
promote 9/11 truth and accountability, and please
forward this ACTION newsletter on to others and post it
to lists everywhere.


Emanuel Sferios
Webmaster, 9/11 Visibility Project

9-11 Visibility Project ACTION Newsletter #2

Inside this edition:

1. 9/11 International Citizens' Inquiry: Toronto, May
2. Democracy Now to interview David Ray Griffin!
3. Nineteen questions for Mayor Rudy Giuliani
4. NYC event May 22nd: Stop the 9/11 Cover-up!
5. Sample letter to mainstream newspapers
6. Sign these online petitions if you haven't already

1. 9/11 International Citizens' Inquiry Toronto, May

Plan to attend the largest citizen inquiry into 9/11
ever held, in Toronto May 25-30. Please visit for details about the
program, speakers, and how to register online.

The purpose of the Inquiry is to provide a forum for
citizen 9/11 researchers to share the findings of their
investigations with the general public. It is the most
ambitious independent civic event of its kind so far
and is entirely citizen-conceived, citizen-run, and

Organisers of each phase of the Inquiry are working
closely together, and feature length video
documentaries of Inquiry proceedings are already in
production. Proceedings will also be published in book
and web form and will be important educational
resources for the future.

With confidence sinking every day that the official
U.S. government's Kean Commission will ask any genuine
truth-revealing questions about 9/11, the work of these
independent citizen Inquiries has become even more
important. The 9/11 Skeptic Movement out of which they
have grown, is now rapidly becoming a real hope for a
better future. We hope you will want to become involved.

Note: this is Phase 2 of the Inquiry. Phase 1 was held
in San Francisco March 26-28, and Phase 3 is scheduled
to commence in New York City on September 12, 2004. To
watch video interviews from Phase 1, please visit

2. Democracy Now to interviewing David Ray Griffin!

"Media activism works." - Amy Goodman, host and
executive producer of Democracy Now.

Thank you everyone who participated in our "Waking Amy"
campaign. Your emails and phone calls to Democracy Now
asking them to have David Ray Griffin on the show have
paid off. Last week a group of us from the 9-11
Visibility Project met with Amy Goodman when she was
here in Seattle on her book tour. After acknowledging
she had received hundreds of emails, she told us she
was definitely going to have Dr. Griffin on her show. I
also called the studio today (May 13th) and spoke with
producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous, who confirmed this. He
said he was going to call Dr. Griffin's publisher,
Interlink Press, immediately and set up a date for the

This is a major breakthrough! Democracy Now reaches
hundreds of thousands of viewers/listeners around the
world, and is a mainstay for the peace and justice
movement in the US. Now is the time to thank Amy and
the producers and staff of Democracy Now. This is just
as important as your earlier emails. We need to show
them our support for their decision, which could
trigger a shift in the alternative media's overall
coverage of the 9/11 issue.

Please send the following email to Amy and the
Democracy Now staff:

(copy and paste or use your own words)

Dear Amy and the folks at Democracy Now,

Thank you for committing to having Dr. David Ray
Griffin on your show. This is a crucial step forward
for the 9/11 families and citizens of the world who
have been demanding for almost three years truth and
accountability regarding likely Bush Administration
complicity in the event of 9/11. Please contact the
9-11 Visibility Project as soon as you have a date for
Dr. Griffin's interview, so they can help promote the

Thank you and sincerely,

(copy and paste)

mail (at), amy (at),
mike (at), sharif (at),
ana (at), elizabeth (at),
rich (at), lee (at),
karen (at), denis (at),
jenny (at), angie (at),
webmaster (at)

You can view this action alert online here:

3. Nineteen questions for Mayor Rudy Guiliani

On May 18th and 19th in New York City, the 9/11
commission will be questioning former mayor Rudy
Giuliani. The family steering committee
( has issued
the following list of 19 questions they want the 9/11
commission to ask. Here they are in the form of an
ACTION ALERT. Please participate by sending the
following statement of support to the 9/11 commission
as well as alternative media outlets that might cover
the story. Also, forward it to others and ask them to
do the same. Let's exploit this window of opportunity!

(copy and paste)

Dear 9/11 Commission,

Please ask former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani the following
questions as requested by the Family Steering Committee.

1. A few short weeks after 9/11, tons of metal from the
collapsed twin towers was sold to scrap yards in New
Jersey. Thereafter, the steel was re-sold to other
recyclers in the United States and overseas. Anecdotal
evidence suggests that the "scrap" has ended up in
India, Japan, South Korea, China and Malaysia.

It is the FSC's position that the thousands of pounds
of debris was crime-scene evidence. It should have been
examined, catalogued, and stored in a secure location.

Why were the steel beams sold and shipped overseas and
not retained as evidence? Was the material examined
before it was sent overseas? If examined, then by whom?
Were any diagnostic studies/tests performed? If not,
then why? Whose responsibility was this?

Former FBI Acting Director Thomas Pickard said that the
FBI wanted to take over Ground Zero and make it a crime
scene as was done at the Pentagon. If that had occurred
all materials from the scene would have been protected
until an investigation was complete. Pickard also
stated that you, Mayor Giuliani, would not allow the
FBI access to the pit area. Is this accurate? If so,
then what was your reason for keeping the nation's
chief investigatory team-the FBI, out of Ground Zero?

2. On 9/11, rooftop doors to both of the World Trade
Center towers were locked. Thus, rooftop rescue by
helicopter was impossible. Who made the decision to
lock the rooftop doors? When was this decision made?
Why was this decision made? Whose responsibility was it
to communicate to the building leaseholders and
occupants that rooftop doors would be locked in the
event of a catastrophe and/or emergency? Did locking
the rooftop doors violate New York City or New York
State building codes?

3. Firefighters lost their lives on 9/11 due to faulty
equipment, such as radios. These were the same radios
that failed in 1993. Who was in charge of buying and
testing equipment for the firefighters? During your
administration were there any requests by either the
NYPD or FDNY to increase budget appropriations for
emergency apparatus such as radios?

4. Many high level officials were warned not to fly
commercially, prior to 9/11. Were you warned not to fly?
5. As Mayor of New York City, did you interface with
either the FBI/NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)
or the FBI's Bin Laden Unit from January 2001 to
September 11, 2001? If so, what was the extent of your
communications with them? What actions, if any, were
taken on behalf of your administration at the request
of the JTTF or the Bin Laden Unit?

6. What precautions were put in place after the 1993
WTC bombing to protect the citizens of New York City
and the occupants of the WTC in the likely event of
another attack?

7. After the 1993 bombing of the WTC, what, if any,
measures were taken to ensure that in the next
emergency, the evacuation of the WTC occupants would be
swifter, more methodical, and more decisive?

8. What "Memorandums of Understanding,"(MOUs) if any,
were in effect between the PA of NY&NJ, the City of New
York, the FDNY and any other emergency agency that
would address the need to respond to an emergency at
the WTC? What legal implications, if any, did these
MOU's have? If they had no legally binding effect, then
for what purpose did such agreements exist?

9. What, if any, emergency plan did the City of New
York have in place prior to and/or on 9/11, considering
that NYC was a "prime" terrorist target?

10. Why did you ask to have your records as Mayor of
New York City sealed for 25 years?

11. Was there ever a recommendation to improve the
venting of the emergency stairwells in the WTC after
the 1993 bombing and if so, was it ever done?

12. Mr. Giuliani, several members of the Family
Steering Committee attended a meeting with you in 2002
at which time you told us that you were against, and
would not support, the formation of an independent
commission to examine the events of 9/11.

Why did you oppose the creation of this commission?
Given the revelations that have emerged during
commission hearings, do you still regard their work as
unimportant and unnecessary? Do you now believe it is
beneficial to have the public well informed about the
actions of the government, its agencies and its public

13. On 9/11, no aircraft hit WTC 7. Why did the
building fall at 5:20 PM that evening? Larry
Silverstein is heard on a PBS tape saying "I remember
getting a call from the, E.R., fire department
commander, telling me that they were not sure they were
gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, "We've
had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest
thing to do is pull it." And they made that decision to
pull and we watched the [WTC 7] building collapse,"
said Larry Silverstein, WTC Leaseholder. - PBS (9/10/02) Does
"pull" mean demolished? What do you know about this?

14. Regarding the air quality of Ground Zero during and
after the 9/11 attacks, did the City of New York at any
time carryout screenings or tests independent of the
EPA? If so, what were the results of those tests?
Immediately after 9/11 did you, Mayor Giuliani, have
any conversations with Christine Whitman about the air
quality at Ground Zero and lower Manhattan? Where are
all records of these conversations? What was the
substance of these conversations? What actions were
taken or not taken as a result of Ms. Whitman's
opinions or recommendations? Were you in agreement with
Ms. Whitman's official position to not deem Ground Zero
a superfund site? If so, what was the basis of your

15. On the morning of 9/11 Battalion Chief Pfeiffer
stated over an open emergency radio that Flight 11
hitting WTC 1 was, "not an accident". At exactly what
time did you consider the City of NY under attack? Was
it before or after the second plane had hit WTC 2?

16. During the summer of 2001 what contact did you have
with the FBI/NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force and FBI
Headquarters? Former FBI Acting Director Thomas Pickard
has said that the FBI shared all information concerning
possible terrorist threats with NYC officials. What
precautions and protocols did you enact as a result of
JTTF information? What precautions and protocols did
you enact as a result of the credible threat posed by
al-Qaeda during the week of sentencing at the Embassy
bombing trial at the Federal Courthouse in downtown New
York City?

17. Please detail all contact you had during the summer
of 2001 with FEMA. What actions were carried out at the
direction of FEMA? Specifically, what was the content
of your conversations with Mr. Joe Allbaugh?

18. Please explain the presence of the FBI at the WTC
during the two weeks prior to 9/11. Were you informed
of their increased surveillance? How was the City of
New York included in such increased surveillance? What
actions were carried out by the NYPD to facilitate the
FBI's increased surveillance?

19. Mr. Giuliani, immediately following the attacks an
after action report was ordered for the Pentagon. Was a
similar report ordered for New York City? If not, why

(copy and paste into the "to" field)

info (at),
familyliaison (at),
webmaster (at)

Also, send this to media outlets you think might cover
the story. All newspaper internet links can be found at:

4. NYC event May 22nd: Stop the 9/11 Cover-up!

If you live in the New York area, please attend the
following event sponsored by NY 9/11 Truth
( The event is FREE, with suggested


May 22, 2004
6 PM (doors), 7 PM (speakers)
The Riverside Church, Harlem NYC


Lost her husband Neil on UA 175, is among the more than
one hundred families of Sept. 11th who have refused the
U.S. government's hush-money settlement (average award:
$1.8 million) so that they can pursue legal action to
discover the truth.

Former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, is Mrs.
Mariani's counsel in her historic lawsuit against the
Bush administration for racketeering (RICO), allowing
the Sept. 11th attacks, and obstruction of justice.

Publisher of Jim Hatfield's controversial Bush
biography "Fortunate Son," journalist with INN World
Report, is a powerful voice within the 9/11 Truth

Former Marine and UN Chief Weapons Inspector for Iraq,
boldly stated before the invasion that Iraq had no
significant weapons of mass destruction. He is a
powerful voice against war and against the challenge to
constitutional government at home.

Join 9/11 Widow Ellen Mariani and her lawyer Phil Berg,
former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania to learn
about their RICO (federal racketeering) suit against
President Bush and other high level members of his
administration based upon prior knowledge of 9/11;
knowingly failing to act, prevent or warn of 9/11; and
the ongoing obstruction of justice by covering up the
truth of 9/11.

In this historic convergence of the 9/11 truth and
anti-war movements, Ms. Mariani and her attorney Philip
Berg will be joined at this event by outspoken Iraq war
critic and former UNSCOM weapons inspector Scott
Ritter, in his first appearance at a 9/11 centered
event in what is largely seen as a sign, along with the
high visibility of the 9/11 cover-up issue at the large
March 20th anti-war events in New York and San
Francisco, of the increasing perception among the
anti-war movement that government complicity in the
events of 9/11 is a very real possibility.

On May 22nd, at the Riverside Church, where Martin
Luther King delivered his historic April 4, 1967 speech
against the Vietnam War, the new Antiwar movement and
the 9/11 Truth movement shall combine into a powerful
new presence that declares: "Those who seek peace and
justice must fight first for truth and freedom."

5. Sample letter to mainstream newspapers

The Bush Administration is on the defensive with all
that is happening in Iraq. Now is the time to bombard
the media with the 9/11 issue. The following is a
sample letter to the editor to send to your local
newspapers. We have carefully written this letter in a
way to maximize its chances of being published, by
focusing on issues that have already been addressed in
the mainstream media and by using the "acceptable"
lead-in of "debunking conspiracy theories." (Remember
in your letter to the editor to include your city and
phone number at the end. Newspaper internet links can
be found at

(copy and paste or use your own words)

Dear editors,

It is time to debunk the growing number of conspiracy
theories surrounding the Bush Administration and 9-11.
How can we do this? By getting some answers to critical
questions being asked by the 9/11 families. If 9/11
resulted from massive intelligence and air defense
failures, as the Administration maintains, why has no
one been held accountable? Why has not a single person
has been reprimanded? And why has the 9/11 commission
not addressed these important questions? Simple answers
could easily dispel accusations of Administration

For example, FBI Agent Coleen Rowley stated that when
her office attempted to alert higher ups in the FBI of
the suspicious, pre 9-11 activities of Zacharias
Moussaoui, the heads at FBI . . . "seemed to have been
consistently, almost DELIBERATELY thwarting the
Minneapolis FBI agents' efforts." Why? And why did
George Tenet, Director of the CIA, take no action when
he received the now famous Phoenix Memo in August 2001
titled, "Islamic Extremists Learn to Fly," which warned
about Al Queda members attending US flight schools?

Massive air defense failures occurred on 9/11 violating
standard operating procedures of NORAD and the FAA. On
top of this the Administration had received numerous
threat warnings from multiple sources specifically
mentioning hijackings. This should have resulted in an
even higher state of air defense readiness. Yet on
9-11, NORAD was bizarrely unable to scramble fighter
jets to intercept any of the hijacked planes. Why?
There was over an hour and a half between the time when
the first planes were known to be hijacked and Flight
77 is claimed to have hit the Pentagon? Why has no one
in the FAA or NORAD been reprimanded for these
incredible air defense failures?

Why did Bush sit in an elementary school for over half
an hour after being told the country was under attack,
seemingly unconcerned about what was happening as well
as for his own personal safety? Why did he not do his
job as Commander in Chief? And why has the 9/11
Commission not held him accountable for this?

And what was the head of Pakistani Intelligence, Ahmad
Umar Sayeed Sheikh, doing in Washington DC on 9/11
meeting with Administration officials? According to the
Times of India, this man had wired $100,000 to Mohammed
Atta in the weeks before 9/11. After this was revealed,
he quietly resigned and has never been investigated by
the Administration.

And then there are the insider stock trades made during
the few days prior to 9/11 against United and American
Airlines, which netted over $2.5 million in "winnings"
on 9/11. These "put options" were made through AB Brown
Trust, whose CEO used to be a man named Buzzy Krongard,
the current Executive Director of the CIA. To date
these winnings are still unclaimed, and the neither the
FBI nor the Federal Exchange Commission has
investigated who mad them.

These are just a few of the unanswered questions
surrounding 9/11 that are not being addressed by the
Kean commission. (More of them our detailed in Dr.
David Ray Griffin's meticulously sourced book, "The New
pearl harbor.") And it's questions like these that fuel
the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. If the Bush
Administration has nothing to hide, they should debunk
the conspiracy theories and provide answers to the
above questions. If not they will forever cast a shadow
over the events of 9-11, and over our nation as a whole.


your name

If you don't want to use your own name, you can also
use the original author's name here:

Bill Douglas
Overland Park, KS

6. Sign these online petitions if you haven't already.

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9-11 was an inside job!


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