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We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-capitalism

We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-capitalism

Noon - 2:00 PM
Resource Center for Nonviolence
515 Broadway (at Ocean)
This event is FREE!
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We Are Everywhere was described by Canadian writer Naomi Klein as "...the first book to truly capture and embody the exuberant creativity and radical intellect of the protest movements."

Jennifer Whitney and Andrew Stern, two of the books producers on a national tour, will be joined in Santa Cruz by David Martinez and Jo Wildings to present a multimedia performance with:

* Hard-hitting images from the streets of Baghdad

* A video of hopeful resistance movements around the world

* An exhibition of beautiful photos and illustrative quotations from their book

* A discussion of the current situation in Iraq and the connections between the anti-war movements and the global anti-capitalist / global justice movements.

Jo Wildings and David Martinez just returned from Fallujah, Iraq, where they worked with injured civilians, were fired on by US Marines and captured (and released) by Iraqi resistance.

David Martinez is a journalist and filmmaker who sent dispatches to Bay Guardian and Democracy Now

Jo Wilding is a British human Rights worker and writer whose writings from Falujah were widely published:

Andrew Stern is an activist and documentary photographer who has been involved in the anticapitalist movement in various capacities since a friend dragged him off to his first anarchist gathering some years ago. He can be found working on various photography projects in different parts of the world, including helping to organize a caravan of Indymedia activists to travel throughout South America soon after the economic collapse and popular uprising in Argentina. He is equally comfortable on the front lines of actions with camera in hand or not, and many times will leave his camera at home to play with creative forms of direct action in the streets. Like other members of the collective, the fusion of art and politics is a primary goal in anything he does, along with collecting and sharing stories that are not normally told. His work has been shown in galleries throughout the world and can be found on various Indymedia web sites as well as in the many different publications he works with.

Jennifer Whitney is currently engaged in several balancing acts - reconciling her desire to bring thousands of people together in the streets for inspiring mass actions with her commitment to longer-term struggles of the local and everyday variety; merging her creativity and imagination through writing, dance, and music with her more technical and less sexy skills; and fulfilling her passion for travel, languages, cross-cultural skill-sharing and adventure, as well as her love of gardening, community-building, and other things requiring deep roots. She is a health care worker, and organizes clinics and street medic teams for direct actions. When she's at home in the Pacific Northwest, she can be found working with the Black Cross Health Collective in Portland, or drumming with the Infernal Noise Brigade. She derives much inspiration from Latin America, where rebellion has penetrated many corners of society and erupts into the streets with increasing frequency, and she hopes to continue disseminating those stories of people shaping history.

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We Are Everywhere

Bay Area Reporter Detained by Fallujah Resistance; Released Unharmed

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This event has been sponsored by the Resource Center for Nonviolence, Santa Cruz Indymedia, and Santa Cruz Art and Revolution.

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Re: We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-capitalism

Wow, this is going to be at the Center Non-Violence, shouldn't it be at the anarchist infoshop across the street...hehehehe


The infoshop is great, but the RCNV has a lot more space for people to comfortably participate in this multimedia event.

and, about the aparent contradiction....

yep, typical, lots of contradication.....

you should go to events at the rcnv, they often have events 'in solidarity' with social movements that take up arms in self defense.

We Are Everywhere

Jennifer Whitney, Andrew Stern, David Martinez, Jo Wildings
Jennifer Whitney, Andrew Stern, David Martinez, Jo Wilding

I got to ‘We Are Everywhere’ late and saw the last 20 minutes of the multimedia presentation
(played on 2 laptops, a projector, and a boombox). I was truly touched and inspired by the images of people all over the world protesting, marching, dancing, parading, disrupting, celebrating, being courageous being creative and being together

Jo Wilding told some great stories about Iraq. Check out her blog:


Andrew Stern moves on to the next stop.

The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-capitalism

Well then
why don't you sell your house in SC, and your saab. then you can find some goats and go into the goat mowing buisness. or document chem trails!

Photos from the Book: We Are Everywhere

A few Photos.






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