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V Chip provides more personal returns

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V Chip provides more personal returns

(DPI) The federal communication commission today released the information that the "V"chip that regulates the viewing access of your children to adult channels, also provides marketing research in the form of personal viewing habits and preferences of television programs and movies to the Entertainment Industries and to major sponsors. Ed Morrison of Electronic Media Marketing Systems, The use of the V-chip as a research device is a major advancement in the sales and marketing field. this is the biggest advancement to advertisement since the TV commercial. now we can custom tailor advertising to the viewers Mr.Morrison also told us that a similar system is in development for personal computers. the sales potential is staggering said Morrison, we are also working on a similar system for the government. that will be Integrated into personal computers in one to three years.

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Re: V Chip provides more personal returns

Jack, It is like you were made to be in journalism. C'est journal est termine'. Super!


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