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FWF Crew - Prose Combat Mix

This is the first FWF Crew mix made by the entire crew, entitled "Prose Combat : Conscious Rhymes & Rebirth of Speech".
This mix is a related project to the party we organised at Recyclart (Brussels. April 11th 2004) of the same theme. For more details about that party see FWF Prose Combat Party.

The mix contains Hip Hop, Breakz and Drum and Bass with a emphasis put on the power of speech and lyrical influences on our lives. It contains two tracks written produced by FWF members (Protesta and Red Ant) and also one special bootleg. Harmonica: Mr Jo.


1. Red Ant feat. MC Rebelbase : BushKilla part. 2.
2. Krs One : Sound Of Da Police.
3. Consolidated : Friendly Fascism.
4. Meat Beat Manifesto : God O.d.
5. Gunshot : World War 3.
6. Red Star : Stranger Fruit.
7. Aquasky & Masterblaster feat. Daddy Freddy : War.
8. Saul Williams : Not in my name (Spooky Remix).
9. DJ Mutiny : Microphone On Fire (Deep Impact Remix).
10. Protesta feat. MC Rebelbase : Grabbin The Mic.
11. Shut Up And Dance & DJ Hype : Reclaim The Streets.
12. Uk Apache & Shy Fx : Original Nuttah.
13. Cypress Hill & Roni Size : Child Of The West.
14. Cymande : The message - Ed rush & Optical mix vs. Grandmaster Flash : The message - Accapella. (Protesta's Bootleg).
15. The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy : Music And Politics.

Download Prose Combat Mix in mp3


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