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Reclaim the Commons - Teach-In and Mobilization Update 5/25

Reclaim the Commons - Teach-In and Mobilization Update
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Tuesday, 25 May
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Resource Center for Nonviolence
515 Broadway (at Ocean)


Interested in Reclaiming the Commons?
reclaim_5-25-04.pdf (131 k)
From June 3-9, a spectrum of activists and community organizers will converge in San Francisco to protest the biotech industry conference happening there simultaneous to the G-8 meeting in Georgia. But this is more than just a protest: the convergence will aim to engage in substantive discussion of the issues, and to propose constructive alternatives.


Get plugged in to the (ongoing) mobilization to Reclaim the Commons!

Hear the latest organizing updates from Luke Anderson, who has been working with organizers in the Bay Area to lay the groundwork for the June 3 - 9 mobilization.

Meet other folks who plan to converge in San Francisco!

Bee, a local street-medic with experience in large demonstrations such as Cancun WTO, will give a presentation about health and safety at demonstartions. For more health information for activists, see the Bay Area Radical Health Collective's website:

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Luke Anderson is an activist from the UK and author of the best-selling book 'Genetic Engineering, Food and Our Environment'. Since 1997 Luke has worked with environmental, social justice, and farming groups around the world focusing on grassroots resistance to genetic engineering, patents on life, and global economic institutions such as the WTO and the World Bank.

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For more information on the June 3 - 9 mobilization:

Reclaim the Commons

Biodevastation / Biojustice
(Teach-In June 3 - 5)

West Coast G8 Regional Mobilization

A Black and Green Call to Action

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