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Clean Streams Monitoring Program seeks volunteers

The Coastal Watershed Council is actively seeking volunteers for our 2004 Clean Streams Program. Volunteers are needed for summer water quality monitoring in Aptos, Corralitos, Branciforte, and Gazos Creeks, and the Watsonville Sloughs.

The Coastal Watershed Council is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation and protection of coastal watersheds through education and community outreach. Programs, such as the Clean Streams Program, are designed to increase public awareness of the water quality issues affecting coastal streams and the ocean, to emphasize the importance of water quality monitoring, and demonstrate the key role volunteer monitors play in collecting this important information.

The Coastal Watershed Council’s Clean Streams Program is a great opportunity for local residents, students, and community members to learn more about their watershed through participation in volunteer water quality and biological monitoring of our creeks. The data gathered through these volunteer monitoring programs can then be used by State and local resource agencies to aid in the prioritization of restoration & educational needs in our watersheds, provide baseline data where data is lacking or absent, and to develop long-term watershed stewardship.

CWC’s Clean Streams Program trains volunteers to monitor in local watersheds on a monthly basis. Participants will learn about their local watershed while gaining valuable skills about monitoring air and water temperature, electrical conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity and collecting bacteria & nutrient samples for lab analysis. Teams of 3-5 people are created and volunteer commitment time is approximately 6 hours per month. All participants will visit various locations throughout each watershed during their monthly rotations. No experience is necessary, as CWC’s Watershed Coordinators conduct in-field volunteer training as new participants enter the monitoring program.

In addition to helping protect the creeks and sloughs that drain into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the Clean Streams Program is a wonderful, hands-on way to experience many of the beautiful areas in your local watershed. Clean Streams Monitoring begins in April and runs through the end of October, so call now!

To learn more about these fun and important opportunities, please contact the Coastal Watershed Council at: volunteer (at) or call: (831) 464-9200, Fax (831) 464-9214

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Re: Clean Streams Monitoring Program seeks volunteers

I tried to volunteer last time this was posted, but my e-mail was not returned. In related work I am now involved in shark research, but I may have time for this if I am contacted.


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