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Ever Made History in the Bathroom?

Upcoming PISSR Community Meeting
Upcoming PISSR Community Meeting

Ever Made History in the Bathroom?

Here’s your chance! People In Search of Safe Restrooms (PISSR) is holding a community meeting to help develop goals for a new Safe Bathroom Access Campaign which aims to create legislation to ensure safe bathroom access for transgender folks and others who face difficulty, harassment or violence when using gender segregated restrooms.

An important first step in kicking off this campaign is to bring together community members to share with us the critical issues that will shape the approach we take to ensuring safe restroom access for all. Your participation would be very valuable to the conversation.

This is a very exciting project because it is the first campaign in the country to address gender-neutral bathroom access on a legislative level. Come help us make history!

Thursday, June 15
SF LGBT Center (at Market & Octavia).
Room 300

For more information please contact us at pissrcommunitymeeting (at)

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