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hate crime

I saw the following on reposted from the sf examiner:
Cops investigate possible hate crime

SANTA CRUZ -- A man was beaten and a woman's bicycle destroyed in Santa Cruz over the weekend in a case that Santa Cruz police are investigating as a possible hate crime.

Witnesses reportedly said a group of men attacked the victim on Pacific Avenue at around 9:45 p.m. Saturday and were heard yelling about white power as they fled the scene on foot.

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Re: hate crime

You know they probably just yelled that because they know people around here will just get all bent out of shape over it. It's called pushing your buttons. Doesnt mean anything.

Re: hate crime

A crime is a crime and the criminals should be brought to justice. Just because the epethet doesn't mean anything doesn't excuse the behavior of beating someone up. With people cracking jokes about prisoner abuse, it is little wonder that this type of behaviour occurs.
Of course sending these people to jail would probably further perpetuate the same thing anyway. There is no easy way out. This is why negotiation should be taught before seeing rampant destruction on TV. Negotiation just wasn't sexy enough for the perps of this crime.

Re: hate crime

so if they shouted "black power" you would be ok with this? (that's ok they where just expressing them selves) after all we need to understand diffrent ways of thinking, we have to reach out to these young men and show tollerance...........

this is why criminals love to come to santa cruze!

Re: hate crime

I'm not ok with what happened and making it happen with different words, but the same actions, would not make it better. What would make it better would be to find a way to prevent this from happening in the first place. That can only happen if people learn to think positively instead of taking out their negativity on other people, as mushy as that sounds.

The Black Panthers were good at reaching out to their communities and weren't too mushy about it either.

Re: hate crime

That can only happen if people learn to think positively

(feeling gooie) why yes all this warm and fuzzie feelings are going to keep criminals out of SC


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