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Israelis burn and bury ambulance with occupants inside

21 May 2004, from Mohammed, a resident of Rafah, Palestine (at , where there are regular updates and many photos of the ongoing wreckage by Israel)
1 a.m.: I'm surrounded right now.. I'm surrounded by soldiers and I have so many problems.. I have no water in the house, no food, but I assume I will find a way to escape from here.. the soldiers are surrounding our house and the bulldozers are going to demolish the whole area..

2 p.m.: We managed to leave the house, but we received news that the IDF dug a large hole and buried an ambulance with its occupants inside it. We do not have news of the situation any further than that and we do not know if the occupants died. Also, the orphanage continues to be surrounded and the supervisors from inside the orphanage are calling on all the world to help them. They are being shot at randomly.

5 p.m.: In regards to the ambulance, we have been told by the Abu Youif Al Najjar hospital that they burned the ambulance in a very big hole. The people who were in the ambulance are Dr. Mohammed Al Nirab, the ambulance driver Adnana Al Nawajha, and a nurse. They were all burnt in the ambulance while they were trying to get out bodies in Al Brazil Camp in Rafah.

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Don't believe everything you read

I really doubt that any of this is true. If I get any more information, I will try to post it.


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