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Israeli Sniper Assassinates Two Children

Israeli Sniper Assassinates Two Children.jpg
Israeli Sniper Assassinates Two Children

Blows their brains out from adjacent rooftop, 100 metres away.

Asma al-Mughair, 16, and her brother Ahmed, 13, died on the roof of their home in the Tel Sultan district of Rafah. Israeli Defence Force soldiers and tanks had just occupied the area.

The children were shot by an Israeli sniper - Asma as she took in laundry, Ahmed as he fed the family pigeons.

Dr Ahmed Abu Nkaria, deputy head of Rafah's tiny hospital, concluded that both children had been killed by single gunshots to the head. There was no other sign of trauma, he told the Sydney Morning Herald the following day.

Reporters gained access to the neigborhood on Saturday and were able to confirm the assassination. The Herald reports on the details:

"At the Mughairs' three-storey house the children's older brother, Ali, 26, showed us the spot in the corner of the rooftop where, he said, Asma had been taking in laundry when a bullet blew the side of her head off. There was still a thick stain of blood and brain matter there.

Smear marks showed where, he said, he had dragged her body towards the stairwell. In the stairwell another pool of blood and brains marked the spot where Ahmed was killed.

Mr Mughair pointed to the spot from which, he says, the sniper or snipers shot his siblings. A crude hole was visible in the wall of a high residential building, a little over 100 metres away.

On the roof, the hole that Mr Mughair indicated as the firing point gave an excellent view over his rooftop.

Beside the hole lay a discarded cardboard box. The Hebrew writing on the box read: '20 rounds 7.62 mm ammunition for snipers.'"

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Re: Israeli Sniper Assassinates Two Children

One "eye-witness" account said the brother and sister died instantly. Another "eye-witness" account said that they bled to death while the IDF held up the ambulances for five hours. Common sense tells us that both accounts cannot be true.

I urge those reading this account to withold judgement until a forensic examination is done, and more information is available to tell what really happened.

Remember, sometimes people lie.


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