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In Home Services/Human Services Slated For Cuts

In Home service workers and families appealed to the Board of Supervisors to find some way to counter the governor's proposed cuts to the program. This program is funded by the federal, state, and county governments and the workers currently receive $9.50 per hour. The governor is attempting to adjust the state's contribution to minimum wage level.

A former worker testified that she had to leave the profession because she was unable to make ends meet on the $9.50 wage.

A current worker warned that denying these services to the people who need them will drive costs up by forcing these people into nursing homes and full care facilities.

She asked the board to imagine ‘being an accident victim, paraplegic or quadriplegic’. Without someone to ‘turn you over in your bed you would end up with bedsores big enough to put your fist into’.

It was pointed out that one week of emergency service 'which can be prevented by in home care workers' costs as much as one year of in home service.

Several mothers who are HIS providers emphasized that the best place for these patients are in the home and that many are able to lead full lives because of the services.

At 10 AM there was a rally outside the county building addressing the fact that human services are being deeply cut while other government funded programs will be receiving equal or increasing funds in the next budget. Organizers are calling for equal cuts across the board.

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Re: In Home Services/Human Services Slated For Cuts

I was surprised that I didn't see this event posted beforehand on the calender or on the site itself. I would have like to have attended!

on the calendar

hey Cyrus, I was thinking the same thing...

Just so folks know... the calendar is open-publishing.

So, anyone can add an event to the calendar

A kind fellow in the community came up to me the other day and said, "Bradley, the RadiCalendar should be more inclusive..." Then he told me about various events which were not on the calendar.

I explained to him that, like indymedia, the calendar is open-publishing. So, if people are planning an event, or just happen to know about one, they should post it directly on the calendar.

The calendar was not designed for just one person to add events. It was not designed for a collective of people to add events.

It was designed for anyone and everyone to add events.

Spread the word...

Re: In Home Services/Human Services Slated For Cuts

Thanks, Bradley, for reminding us all!!


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