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County votes against Pajaro River Relinquishment

I happened to catch some of the Board of Supervisors meeting in Watsonville yesterday.
The issue was whether or not to relinquish maintenance of the Pajaro River and the Salsipuedes Creek to the state.
The board voted not to relinquish.

Those in attendance seemed to all be against relinquishment which would apparently raise flood insurance costs. It was felt that those living in the flood plain would ‘unfairly’ shoulder the burden of the costs.

No one questioned the wisdom or sanity of living in a flood plain (as in Santa Cruz) but took it for granted that humans should control nature.

One old timer expressed consternation at those who worry about the salamander and steelhead over human life and property.

‘They think a bunch of bugs are more important’.

He advocated ‘going in there and cleaning that thing out’.
He said ‘going in there and cutting a stick or two here and there like they been doing’ wasn’t going to work.

‘You got to get a bulldozer in there’.

There seems to be a bit of tension between the south county (Watsonville) and the Aptos area over this issue. This tension is nothing compared to the disagreement between Santa Cruz County (who maintains the north side) and Montery county (who maintains the south). SCC has charged Monterey with not paying their share.

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Re: County votes against Pajaro River Relinquishment

Having lived near this river at one time in my life, I feel for it. It is under duress from us 'newcomers'. It is a shame that we can't get along. And what suffers the most, taking the brunt of our disharmony, is the environment.


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