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March 4 Education Introduced on Assembly Floor

The Fast for Education was introduced on the Assembly floor on Friday It is currently entering its 21st day!
The Fast for Education was introduced on the Assembly floor on Friday It is currently entering its 21st day!

The Fast4Education demands are:
• Fully fund Proposition 98
• Introduce and pass legislation establishing a formula for equitable educational funding.
• Forgive the loans to the West Contra Costa County School District to set a precedent for other districts taken over by the state.

Media Contacts

Charles Houston 510.684.3833
Gabriel Hernandez 408.835.6633
Jazmín Preciado 510.388.3587

press (at)


Sacramento, California- Friday, May 28th, 2004

After 18 days of fasting, Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg introduces the fasters to entire California Assemblymembers.

Afterwards, negotiations with Fabian Nuñez, Speaker of the Assembly, and Darrell Steinberg, Chair of the Budget Committee, took place.

Faster, elder, civil rights activist Fred Jackson, will step out after 19 days, but will continue to organize.

The fast continues.

Partial List of Supporters

State Superintendent of Public Education Jack O' Connell

Chair, Assembly Education Committee Asm. Jackie Goldberg

Latino Caucus Chair Asm. Marco Antonio Firebaugh

Magistrate, US Supreme Court Cruz Reynoso

Chair, Assembly Public Safety Committee Asm. Mark Leno

United Farm Workers Co-Founder Dolores Huerta

United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez

State Senator 8th Senate District Sen. Jackie Speier

Commitments to help resolve demands:

Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nuñez

Chair, Assembly Budget Committee Darrell Steinberg

Who: 5 Fasters, on a Fast 4 Education

Jessica Vasquez -Central Valley 4th year student, UC Berkeley

Fred Jackson - 66 year old, African-American civil rights activist

Israel Haros -Youth Mentor, Oakland Unified School District

César A. Cruz -community organizer, Southern California

Karina Oliva - Salvadoran mother, MA Ethnic Studies

Location: State Capitol, South Steps (11th and N St.)

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 6:30p.m.

Daily Itinerary

10:00a.m. Fasters arrive at South Steps at Camp Site

12:00p.m. Fasters make important announcement

6:30p.m. Evening Gathering/Vigil with community

Even after hundreds of calls have been given to the governor, he refuses to negotiate.

To interview the fasters please contact Jazmín Preciado at 510-388-3587.

For the list of demands and media press kit please log on to:

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Education, an invention or genetically inherent ?

Up until about 150 years ago institutionalized education was by far the exception, not the rule. We used to learn from our Elders, our Communities and our Environment. These sources of education have seen us through for … how long ? At least millions of years.

And we survived it.

Perhaps next weeks lesson : What happened to respect for our Elders ?


Where does respect begin ?


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