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Wendy Campbell on Israeli Espionage

You will NOT be able to put this book down!
Wendy Campbell: Book Review and Commentary for Victor Ostrovsky’s “By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Agent?

by Wendy Campbell

Victor Ostrovsky was a high-ranking member of the Mossad, Israel’s ultra-secret intelligence department similar to the CIA, for several years before his sudden departure due to finding himself the fall guy for an embarrassing oversight by his superiors. He left Israel disillusioned, even disgusted, to return to his country of birth, Canada, and then courageously penned the extraordinary account of his experience while working for the Mossad. Ostrovsky’s revelations about the duplicitous, often criminal, activities of the Mossad, is an exceptionally interesting read, especially for anyone who has become suspicious of the United States’ unconditional support of Zionist apartheid state of Israel.

In 1990,the government of Israel tried in vain to prevent this book from being published, as it includes surprisingly detailed accounts of the Mossad’s nefarious deeds, such as the many “false flag? operations (committing crimes and then making it look like others were responsible, such as Palestinian militants, for Israel’s political advantage), extensive espionage inside the United States, extra-judicial assassinations around the world, just to name a few.


The subject of the Mossad and general Israeli espionage is quite relevant especially now that there are more and more reports coming out about the apparent abundance of Israeli spies in the U.S, allegedly more than from any other country. For instance, by now most Americans, who follow politics at all, know about the Israeli spies detained around 9-11, especially the ones known as “the dancing Israeli spies?(do a Google search).

Lately there are even reports about the FBI investigating some of the NeoCons such as Perle, who is Israeli-American, with regards to the Chalabi and other related issues with regards to the false information about WMD and an alleged connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda used as excuses to lead the US to the pre-emptive and unnecessary war on Iraq. There now are also reports about the Mossad connection with regards to the torture and prisoner abuse at the now infamous Iraqi jail Abu Ghraib. It’s all getting rather murky, this American-Israeli “connection? whereby American troops are being “taught? by Israeli military on various “techniques? and “methods? of fighting the so-called “war on terror?.

There have also been recent reports of the questionable activities of Israeli spies being caught in the U.S. including one that is especially troubling. First reported in the Jacksonville-Florida Times-Union newspaper on May 22, 2004, two Israeli spies were detained for questioning by the FBI for trying to get access into nuclear submarine base in Georgia, near the site of the upcoming three-day G-8 Summit. The week before in Tennessee, two Israeli spies were arrested in a rural area where nothing exists except for two active nuclear power plants, and a third under construction. During a high-speed chase, it was reported that the Israelis were seen throwing things out of the window including a bottle, which tests later revealed contained a mixture of Astromid 18, Gluconic acid and water, perhaps “an agent for growing some kind of bug? according to a chemist who spoke with Mad Cow Morning News. (

Is there possibly a “false flag? operation being planned by the Mossad in the US right now? Just think of what the US media’s headlines would be if the Israeli spies stealthily caused a big explosion at the G-8 Summit or anywhere else for that matter. There’d likely be claims from the Zionist-dominated US media and gvernment that it had something to do with Al Qaeda. The Al Queda are always the politically convenient “usual suspects? trotted out by our government and media on which to forcefully focus all the blame for “terror?. Can you imagine if the spies caught near the nuclear submarine base in Georgia were Saudis, Libyans or Palestinians, instead of Israeli? That story would be headline news from the New York Times to the LA Times and every paper in between, as well as CNN and Fox News! But since the spies were Israeli, the story was willfully suppressed. It’s just another example of the Zionist-controlled US media’s pro-Israel bias, and a glaring bias at that. It should not be ignored, and it must not be ignored.

Although “By Way of Deception? was originally published in 1990, Ostrovsky’s stunning revelations paint a very dark picture about the mindset of Israel’s ruling establishment and its persistent tendency to view all the rest of the world’s nations as potential adversaries. Indeed, the Mossad’s motto is “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.?


As someone who has become immersed in the study of the Palestine-Israel conflict since 9-11, as well as having then become an activist for Palestinians’ human rights since then, I found many of Ostrovsky’s revelations confirmed what I have already learned about Israel—most importantly, that Israel is not a friend of the USA or any other country for that matter. Israel is simply out for itself. Israel is clearly a one-way street, and a friend to no one. According to Ostrovsky, the Mossad generally works independently from the Israeli government, which is out of control as it is, so the Mossad is the mother of all loose cannons, and a clear and present danger to the world. This book explains in detail how this is true.

Along with all various the “false flag? operations the Mossad commits in order to create trouble between the U.S. and Arab / Muslim countries, as well as acerbating conflicts between other countries, the Mossad also supplies illegal weapons to all kinds of terrorist groups around the countries, on both sides of the various conflicts around the world, for profit and just to keep the world off balance, while padding their pockets with lots of gold. This seems to suit Israel just fine. Endless war, everywhere. Zionist Israel is obviously especially determined to weaken all the Arab countries, but it doesn’t stop there.


Have you noticed how in keeping with the Zionist tradition of Holocaust-worship needed to keep the world’s sympathy for its victims flowing endlessly, there seems to be several instances of self-fabricated “anti-semitic? hate crimes lately? For instance, Kerri Dunn, a professor at Claremont McKenna College in southern California, recently was found guilty of spray-painting and vandalizing her own car to make it look like some “anti-semitic? nutball did it. And how about the guy in France, who did something similar recently? There are also other reports of so-called “anti-Semitic? acts which have been found suspect of being fraudulently self-made in order to magnify the Zionists’ constant complaints about “the rise in anti-Semitism?, as if it comes out of nowhere. As if Zionist behavior is always above reproach.

It fits a pattern that began with the birth of the Jewish nationalistic movement known as Zionism in the late 1890’s. Although obviously there was some anti-Jewish sentiment among some people who were no doubt xenophobic about other minorities as well, Zionists sought to paint a picture where Jews are always being persecuted so therefore the world must give them special treatment--- such as a country somewhere else, not in their backyard, mind you, but somewhere where people don’t have lots of money or political clout, somewhere where the world doesn’t know much about or care much about, somewhere like…Palestine. According to their way of thought, does anyone really care about Palestinians anyway? Apparently, not many of the leaders of our “Western, democratic? world. But more and more people are indeed becoming very sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian people.

Hopefully soon public opinion will pressure the leaders of the world to stop looking the other way. After all, it’s the moral thing to do, isn’t it? After all, isn’t it true that today’s Jewish Zionists nurture Victimhood and an angry resentment over how the world looked the other way when the Nazis persecuted Jews during WWII? Then why should the world look the other way while the Zionist Jews in Israel persecute the Palestinians? The obvious answer, to most people of conscience, is that people should NOT look the other way.


Here are some revealing and important out-takes from the must-read book “By Way of Deception? by Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy:

“We were told to do what was good for us and screw everybody else?… “You know what Israelis say: “If they weren’t burning us in WWII, they were helping, or if they weren’t helping, they were ignoring it.? Ostrovsky goes on to provide many instances that show how this mindset was manifested, often at the expense of others’ lives.

Ostrovsky, as any moral person would, questions this mindset: “Does the fact that Jews suffered give us the right to inflict pain and misery on others??

He was taught that “Israel is a nation of warriors?, and points out that Israel has ended up with a “government that is 70 per cent generals.?

“Mossad regards the whole world outside of Israel as a target, including Europe and the United States.?


Ovstrovsky described in detail how the Mossad recruits Jewish people worldwide, to act as Mossad’s assistants, also known as “sayanim?(plural). Any Jewish person can be a “sayan? (singular), “to help Israel? as long as they are 100% Jewish. These volunteers have penetrated many of the world’s governments.

It is, as Ostrovsky points out, problematic that “the Mossad does not seem to care how devastating it could be to the status of the Jewish people in the diaspora if it were known. The answer you get if you ask is: “So what’s the worst that could happen to those Jews? They’d all come to Israel? Great.? ? This is yet another example of how the Zionist agenda actually knowingly helps to create a climate for what is termed as anti-Semitism, to try to legitimize the existence of an exclusive Jewish state, even at the expense of others, such as the Palestinians, whose land has been largely expropriated.

As many of us realize, the primary question for Israel and Zionists seems to be, as Ostrovsky notes in this book: “Is it good for the Jews? Forget about policies, or anything else. That was the only thing that counted, and depending on the answer, people were called anti-Semites, whether deservedly or not.?


Ostrovsky also had some interesting things to say about the Holocaust: “I know the Holocaust was one of the gravest things to ever have happened to the Jews: Bella’s (his wife’s) father, for one, spent four years in Auschwitz and most of her family was eliminated by the Germans. But remember, that close to 50 million other people died, too. Germans tried to eliminate the Gypsies, various religious groups, Russians and Poles. The Holocaust could have been, and I think should have been, a source for unity with other nations rather than a tool for separation.? However, the Jewish state of Israel is a closed society committed to segregation and equal rights only for Jews.


With regards to dealing with the Palestinians, he noted that “Violent clashes and ultimately unconditional surrender were the only ways the Mossad could conceive of achieving peace?. Obviously Ariel Sharon and most Israeli leaders feel this way too, no matter what they say for public consumption. Actions speak louder than words.

Ostrovsky recounts various instances where the Mossad sought to prevent any peace initiative between the Palestinians and the Israeli government, by giving false information to the CIA about Palestinians preparing for a major war against the Israelis, when during those times this was indeed false information. I surmise, for instance, that the 2003 remote bomb-killing of the three American envoys to Gaza was the work of the Mossad, since only Israel benefited from it, and no Palestinian group claimed responsibility for it, which they usually do (unlike the Mossad).


The media in Israel is government-controlled (talk about “embedded media?!). Ostrovsky reveals how the Mossad routinely doctors up “documentation to authenticate the “threat? to Israel from the Palestinians?, feeding it to the media to report to the world. It is not uncommon for the Mossad to actually assassinate important people involved with negotiating the “peace process?, such as in the case of Palestinian rights advocate Naim Khader, which is recounted in this book.

Ostrovsky provides more details about the Israeli media: “There is a committee of editors, called the Vaadat Orchim, of all the media outlets in Israel that meets regularly with government officials for background briefing on current events. Israeli television is government controlled, as is all but one rogue radio station, so that broadcasting is never a problem to control.? Doesn’t it sound like our U.S. government and media are following Israel’s example (or lead)? I wonder why. Could it be because there are many of Israel’s operatives in our media and government?


It was also telling to read about the way in which the Mossad deliberately floods the CIA with so much generalized information so as to render it confusingly vague. The information therefore becomes basically useless, as it is so general and non-specific, but also lets the Mossad off the hook with regards to accusations of not warning the US of terror attacks. As in 9-11?

Here is a very compelling example of just this sort of situation as reported by Ostrovsky:

In 1983, Israel was invading Lebanon, one of their most aggressive chapters in the so-called “rooting out of terrorists? to use the oft-repeated words of the Ariel Sharon. One of the Mossad’s Lebanese informants in Beirut reported to the Mossad that the Shi’ite Muslims had ordered a specialty machine-shop there to re-fit a large Mercedes truck with larger than usual hiding spaces that could hold bombs, as opposed to the the smaller hiding spaces made for smuggling black market items such as CDs and cigarettes or small bombs. The Mossad logically surmised that the truck was destined to blow up a major “target, one of which must be the US compound. The question was whether or not to warn the Americans to be on particular alert for a truck matching the description.? MY question is the part about “whether or not?? Why the hesitation? Ostrovsky goes on to explain:

“Admony, then the head of Mossad, decided they would simply give the Americans the usual general warning, a vague notice that they had reason to believe someone might be planning an operation against them. But this was so general and so commonplace, it was like sending a weather report; unlikely to raise any particular alarm or prompt increased security precautions. In the six months following receipt of this information, for example, there were more than 100 general warnings of car-bomb attacks. One more would not heighten US concerns or surveillance.?

“Admony, in refusing to give the Americans specific information on the truck, said, “No, we’re not going to protect the Americans. They’re a big country. Send only the regular information.?

With “friends? like Israel, who needs enemies?

As it turned out, sure enough, two months after the Mossad had received the information, the bomb-laden Mercedes truck did ram into the American Aviation Safety Building which was the headquarters for the Eighth Marine Battalion and then exploded, reducing the building to rubble and killing 241 American soldiers on October 23, 1983. A few minutes later, another bomb-laden truck rammed into the French paratroopers’ headquarters just two miles from the decimated US compound, and exploded, killing another 58 soldiers.

“Within days, the Israelis passed along to the CIA the names of 13 people who they said were connected to the bombing deaths of the US Marines and French paratroopers, a list including Syrian intelligence, Iranians in Damascus, and Shi’ite Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah.?

“The general attitude (at Mossad and the Israeli government) about the Americans was: “Hey, they wanted to stick their nose into this Lebanon thing, let them pay the price.?

Sounds chillingly similar to what probably happened with 9-11.

Israel was fine with letting Americans get hit by others whom Israel considered their enemies, because that way, they figured, then the Americans would want to fight Israel’s enemies directly for them. Isn’t it a pity how our government unconditionally supports such a fair-weather “friend? such as Israel with billions of US tax dollars and political cover, and allows itself to be so manipulated, and for such unjust causes such as Zionist imperialism and colonialism, which has now somehow become America’s causes as well? It’s more than a pity. It’s criminal.

And by the way, remember reading about how some of the Al Qaeda operatives supposedly involved with the 9-11 attack lived in Hamburg, with Israeli spies living nearby some of them? What a “coincidence? that as Ostrovsky points out “The Mossad love Hamburg, first for the good working relationship with the local anti-terrorist police and intelligence?…


Although Israel claims not to have Israeli spies in the U.S., according to Ostrovsky, indeed there is a very deep undercover unit of the Mossad by the name of “Al? which is the Hebrew word for “above? or “on top?, operating especially in New York and Washington, where they have rented apartments all over those places, installed with listening devices.

Ostrovsky wrote: “To say it (Al) doesn’t it doesn’t gather information on the Americans is like saying mustard is not the main course, but you do like a little on your hotdog. Say for example, there’s a senator on the arms committee that interests the Mossad. Al rarely uses sayanim (Jewish American citizens who offer to help the Mossad), but that senator’s paperwork, anything happening in his office, would be important information, so an aide would be a target. If the aide was Jewish, he or she would be approached as a sayan (singular of sayanim). Otherwise, the person would be recruited as an agent, or even just as a friend, with whom to mingle and listen.?

On a personal note, my pro-Palestinian rights colleagues and I discovered during a visit to her office, that the front office assistant in Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office in Oakland, CA, is a young man from Israel. One of us asked him directly where he was from and he said he was from Israel. Barbara Lee, you might recall, is the only Congressperson, who declined to support Bush’s call for war in the first place. In addition, I have heard from others who are knowledgeable about the Jewish Lobby (including AIPAC), specifically expects certain favors, such as internships for young Jewish Americans in exchange for huge contributions to political campaigns.


The following information is really scary. You know how we are always told by our media how there are Al Qaeda cells operating in the U.S.? Well, read this about Jewish Zionist ‘cells’, or “Jewish defense groups?: “Arbel’s department was responsible for setting up Jewish defense groups called “frames?, or “misgorot?, all over the world, now including some parts of the United States, where anti-Semitism is considered a threat.?

And these “frames? are apparently armed to the teeth. “Israel does not sell the weapons directly to these foreign frames, but it does provide arms indirectly in a round-about arrangement with known arms dealers.? One can legitimately worry about these “frames?- are they only for defensive reasons, or are they also perhaps formed for some future offensive action? Like for instance, wonder if our government decides to cut diplomatic and financial ties with Israel on the condition that it transform from an apartheid Jewish state to a truly democratic, secular, multi-cultural state with equal rights for all regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender?

Obviously, it will take some time and miracles to turn US foreign policy on Israel around, but it will be turned around eventually, I’m sure. However, please note how some of our so-called leaders are claiming that “anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism?, even while many Jews themselves reject the racist, nationalist ideology of Zionism. Please visit the website of the Ultra Orthodox Jewish group the Neturei Karta for more information on just one Jewish organization that believes that Zionism is the exact opposite of Judaism.

Recently, some US politicians, such as those who recently pandered shamelessly and slavishly to those at the AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) conference, actually used Sharon-style language threatening that “anti-Semites? will be “rooted out? “wherever they are? and “anti-Semites? are a “cancer? on society, right after saying that “Anti-Zionists are anti-Semites.?! Next thing you know, they will be claiming “All anti-Zionists and anti-Semites are terrorists.?! This seems to be an emerging new version of a kind of fascistic McCarthyism and a dictatorial attempt to squelch any criticism of apartheid Israel. Can you imagine if activists against apartheid in South Africa were threatened with being called “terrorists?? It’s almost laughable. On top of that, how hypocritical for Israelis to call Palestinian terrorists, where Zionist gangs committed acts of terror such as the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 in Jerusalem to scare off the Brits, killing 72 Arab civilians and British soldiers, while wounding many more. Menachim Begin oversaw this act of terror and later became a prime minister of Israel.

Still more on the topic of the “Jewish defense groups?: “The main job (of the Mossad’s “frames? set-up department) is to help the leaders of the Jewish communities outside Israel plan for their own security. Part of this is done through the “hets va-keshet? or “bow and arrow?, Israel’s paramilitary youth brigades. Often youths from other countries are brought over (to Israel) to spend the summer learning about security, picking up such skills as completing obstacle courses, pitching tents, and learning how to use a sniper rifle and Uzi assault rifle.? Doesn’t this all seem eerily similar to Hitler’s Youth Brigade?


It is no wonder that Victor Ostrovsky, who is a man of conscience, who happens to be Jewish, finally left the Mossad and Israel after getting disillusioned and disgusted with its propensity for enmity towards the whole world. The worst thing about it is that my country the United States of America has been increasingly blindly and unconditionally siding with Israel and thereby not only supporting daily crimes against humanity, but becoming isolated, just as apartheid Israel is, from the rest of the world’s nations. The US and apartheid Israel are isolated from the rest of the world, just like apartheid South Africa was quite rightly isolated, until it was pressured to become a true democracy with equal rights for ALL regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Endless war and unilaterally demanding unconditional support from the rest of the world while selfishly exploiting it, is simply in a word, evil, the opposite of good.

I hope that as American citizens of all creeds and ethnicities become more and more aware of just what kind of country Zionist Israel is, that they too will abandon any support, moral or financial for Israel and demand that our leaders do the same, until apartheid Israel, like the formerly apartheid South Africa, is transformed into a true democracy with equal rights for all, including for the non-Jewish Palestinian people who must also be allowed their inalienable right to return to their ancestral homeland, Palestine-Israel. There must be no double standards for anyone or any country; in fact, it may be time to reconsider America’s generous policy of allowing dual citizenship to Israeli-Americans.
For more information, on Israeli spies in the U.S., check out and For info on the “Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict?, check out

Wendy Campbell is a California-based film-maker and human rights advocate whose website is

Although the Jewish state of Israel tried to prevent his book from getting published, it was indeed published in the U.S. and Canada and became a best-selling hit. Although one might think that the Mossad might actually want to kill him after publishing such a revealing book, they instead declared that they would try to break Ostrovsky economically, which he describes in an interesting article at this link:
You can do a Google search on him to learn more about this very interesting man, who is an accomplished professional artist.

“By Way of Deception? by Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy was published first in 1990 by St. Martin’s Press, is available from

The following recommendation for this book is from Amazon’s website:

Editorial Reviews
From Library Journal
Intelligence agencies should never try to ban books about themselves. Like Peter Wright's Spycatcher (Penguin USA, 1987), which was suppressed in Britain , this book on Israel's legendary spy organization by a former Mossad katsa or case officer has ended up on the New York Times best seller list. Among the controversial revelations that led Israel to seek a ban (which was quickly overturned in the United States and Canada) is Ostrovsky's charge that the Mossad refused to share knowledge of a planned suicide mission in Beirut, resulting in the deaths of 241 U.S. Marines in 1983. Another New York Times best seller, Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman's Every Spy a Prince ( LJ 7/90), provides more reliable details on Israel's spy network.
- Wilda Wil liams, "Library Journal"

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