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DirecTV Should Carry Free Speech TV
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Most Americans rely on TV for their news. Yet TV is not always the most reliable source for news. Free Speech TV is a publicly supported independent, non-profit, and non-commercial channel. On Free Speech TV you will find films and shows providing perspectives that are under-represented or ignored by the mainstream media.
You can help decide what we get to watch.
DirecTV Should Carry Free Speech TV
DirecTV is America's largest satellite provider, servicing 11 million homes. Free Speech TV is a Public Interest Channel, and by law satellite providers like the Dish and DirecTV must give 4% of their space to these channels. FSTV has applied to DirecTV every year since they started in 1995. FSTV is carried by the Dish Network but not DirecTV. DirecTV has said that they have added channels in the past due to viewer demand. DirecTV is currently being acquired by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp and the Fox channels.
Whether you are now a DirecTV subscriber or not, more people should be able to see Free Speech TV. If you think that television media needs to be more independent, and report on more issues that matter to you; you can sign the petition, send feedback to DirecTV, and help spread the word. If we all speak with one voice we will find that we are able to obtain a healthy functioning media that we can believe in.
Never before on television has a network as critical and as insightful as Free Speech TV appeared on American airwaves. Free Speech TV is an anomoly of independence in an age of corporate media consolidation.
Free Speech TV fans who watch them on the Dish Network, or part time on cable access, now can show support for the job the people at Free Speech TV are doing, quickly and easily, and for free, by signing the online petition and sending DirecTV feedback.
But for DirecTV suscribers, or any viewers considering switching to the Dish Network in order to get FSTV, your feedback is crucial to supporting independent television media. DirecTV is a Key Media Provider, and if DirecTV would carry FSTV, many more people will be able to see it. If FSTV can get on DirecTV maybe they can get on Cable too, and then it will be a whole new ballgame.
The Future of Televised Media is Viewer Supported

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