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Santa Cruz Indymedia Newsletter (6/03/04)

Santa Cruz Indymedia Newsletter
June 3, 2004
*** Don't Hate the Media! Become the Media ***

Reclaimin' the Commons: June 3 - 9 in San Francisco

A mass mobilization is afoot from June 3-9 in San Francisco to oppose the hostile
corporate takeover of the necessities of life, and to demonstrate the solutions to corporate power that already exist. I’m forwarding this because it’s very much a grassroots effort, and we are what makes up those grassroots…

The biotechnology industry will be meeting in San Francisco from June 6-9th, to "celebrate the benefits of biotech to health, agriculture, the economy and the environment." BIO 2004 will be met with an alternative gathering called Reclaim the Commons, from June 3-9th. Although BIO's website claims that the Bay Area "is the world's leading bioscience corridor," the Bay Area is also renowned for its recent resistance against global capitalism, protests against destruction of the environment, and the US war on Iraq.

"Put People First!" S.C. Protest Against California Budget Cuts

On March 27, 2004 about 500 Santa Cruzans came together to protest next year’s proposed budget. Projected county budget cuts attempt to compensate for a loss of 7.5 million state dollars by cutting 118 jobs, 80 of which are from the human and health services departments. This lopsided allocation of funds will directly affect programs like Medical, Foods Stamps, In Home Services, and Public Health Nurses. Organizers called for more equitable distribution of available funds.

Santa Cruz County budget hearings will be held June 15 – 25 at 9AM on the fifth floor of the county building and are open to the public.


CopWatch Explosion in the U.S.

CopWatch groups have become a phenomenon in America, out of dire necessity. I interview the creators of the new Portland's Worst Cops Card Deck, and take a look at police accountability tactics and organizations in this well as review how to start a CopWatch group/action yourself...

It is now a phenomenon. CopWatch organizations are being set up all over America, by ordinary citizens, driven to police the police, in grassroots community efforts. Portland (Portland Copwatch and Rose City Copwatch), Austin, NYC, Santa Cruz, Cincinnati, Phoenix, Berkeley, Tucson, Denver, and more, have CopWatch organizations in their cities. And CopWatch groups are networking and training each other. Berkeley CopWatch came down to Santa Cruz to help start Santa Cruz Copwatch.

Texas Copwatch describes Copwatch as "a group of ordinary people who observe and record police activity on the streets. We do this because we believe that police brutality is widespread in our communities and that the only way to stop it is to challenge it directly."

UC Workers Hold Statewide Marches

Thousands of UC hospital and campus employees concerned about quality at UC launched a series of statewide marches on Thursday, May 20 to demand meetings with top UC officials.

Workers at each campus and their supporters confronted UC executives, demanding immediate action to protect quality and service at America’s premier public university system and its academic medical centers from budget cuts and managements’ misplaced priorities.

Staffing shortages and high turnover rates in radiology and other hospital departments and the increasing use of temporary personnel in the medical centers threaten the quality of patient care at UC medical centers at UCSF, UCLA, UCSD, UCI and UC Davis. On the campuses, inadequate staffing leads to decreased services for students and at times, to costly overtime pay.



June 3 7:30 PM Producer of Fahrenheit 911 and Bowling For Columbine at UCSC
June 3 - 9 Reclaim the Commons!
June 3 - 5 Teach-In portion of Reclaim the Commons
June 4 8:00 PM Night of Resistance and Support - benefit for Jeff 'Free' Luers

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