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Corporate Power

According to the film The Corporation, a corporation is simply a psychopath: Lying, harming others and not caring about it, unable to learn from mistakes, and more. Biotech croporations are just that: harming and threatening farmers around the world, destroying biodiversity - and yet they describe themselves as selling "Food, Health, Hope". (interviews)

Some 17,000 people from biotech companies from about 60 countries are meeting behind closed doors for the annual BIO convention to set up more contacts, sell their ideas, raise venture capital and convince journalists and the public that biotech is just great. To spin pro-biotech PR, corporate journalists were provided with story ideas a week before the conference started, while Indymedia journalists were denied press credentials due to writing from an "activist point of view".

For corporate journalists, BIO2004 started out on Sunday with a media brunch full of GM food and corporate lies, promoting GM crops as the weapon against obesity.

[ The Corporation I Corporate Watch ( US and UK ) I Lobby Watch I Reclaim The Commons ]
There are thousands of biotech companies around worldwide, ranging from tiny spin-off companies at universities to the big players like Monsanto. Many companies are part of bigger corporations. Over the last years a lot of biotech companies changed their names in mergers and de-mergers, thereby making their history invisible. Check Corporate Watch's Biotech Family Tree to keep track of them.


Even while they are so many biotech companies around, only 5 control the seed and agrochemical markets and by consolidation more and more parts of food production become in the hands of a few, forming an olipoly. About 85% of all CM crops are heribicide resistant, most of them resistant to the Monsanto's total herbicide Roundup. The rest are mainly crops that produce a toxin against insects.

Over half of the world's 100 largest economic entities are transnational corporations (TNCs), not nations and TNCs have unprecedented power to shape social, economic and trade policies: The top 10 firms account for 54% of the biotech sectors' $42 billion revenues. The top 10 seed companies control one-third of the $23,300 million commercial seed market. For pesticides, the top 10 firms control 80% of the $27,800 million global pesticide market. and for foodt he top 10 control 57% of the total sales of the world's leading 30 food retailers.

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Opens June 11 in Santa Cruz

The Corporation opens June 11 at the Nick - 210 Lincoln St.

Re: Corporate Power

The front line of our "corporate globalization" program is the CIA. With their budget some estimate as high as in the 50+ billion(?) dollar range, what have they done lately to counter the evil Osama and his henchmen? I suspect they are the ones beheading Americans/South Koreans in Iraq/Saudi Arabia. What better way to fuel hatred/rationale for more aggression?! (I hope I am wrong) A guy I went to high school with used to send bottles of ears he cut off VC he killed in Nam home to his dad, who was tortured by the Japanese in WWII. Apparently the guys with the freshest ears in a necklace were esteemed as the most macho in the bush. The insanity of combat has always paled in comparison to what the CIA rationalizes as commonplace.


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