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Chemtrail conference today!

The Raddisson hotel in Sactamento is hosting the first annual conference on climate change. One area of discussion is about "the forcing or loading of aerosols into the troposphere"
hi folks
Action is needed! Please call the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, Ca are hosting a conference on climate change June 9, 10, 11, 2004
(916) 922-2020

These folks are extremely involved in the "forcing of aerosols" into the troposphere aka CHEMTRAILS

These folks are part of the tap program

Please let them know you don't approve of a hotel that supports the violation of our rights to breath clean air. We don't approve of deliberate placing of aerosols in to our sky. Please remember the clerk most likely knows little about this stuff so ask for the manager. But do let them know you will not support a hotel that supports the placing of chemicals into our atmosphere.

please call now!!

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fax number to protest Chemtrail conference today!

Dear Friends

I called the Radisson 800# and was given the fax number for the Sacramento location.

I'm working on a brief letter which will open with a short explanation of what a chemtrail is, then tell them that as a business owner I will not support their business. All very politely of course - can't stress that enough. Its so very tempting to rant, but don't, we want more and more to look up, wake up and speak up and the way to enlighten is with good manners and a calm voice.

That said, here's the fax 916 920 7310

San Francisco is full of trails today, sigh.



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