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Indymedia Plays Major Role In Underground Film

"USA The Movie" was made to speak out for peace and justice.
USA The Movie is a completely independent, underground film which was made to speak out about the ongoing cycle of suffering and violence that grips humanity. The film was harassed by Corporate America and forced to change its original title: “America Off Line?. The story follows an ordinary, blissfully ignorant American across country--from 9/11 sites of devastation, through his painful awakening, breakdown and ultimate extinction. Through his journey to madness he obsessively listens to the radio where he hears disturbing truths as well as outspoken interviews, calls for action and intense peace protests from Indymedia.

In 2001, James Kirk was chosen to play the role of the average American traveler. Seeing September 11 sites of devastation and experiencing the build up to war led to his real, unexpected physical and emotional breakdown, His strange journey was captured by the independent film crew. The outcome is chilling and enlightening.

The filmmaker began shooting shortly after September 11 and completed the project as the U.S. began its horrific invasion of Iraq. This film captures our crisis and history as it was happening like no other piece of narrative media that we’ve seen. You can check out the movie’s website at

From The Director Of USA The Movie

This is not self-expression of an artistic sort, but a quest for change.

There comes a time when all forms of expression halt in the face of a greater force of suffering. We have an urgent need to direct our full attention to the endless existence of violence. We are wandering aimlessly through time with the notion of being just; yet habitual denial has taken root in our lives justifying the pain we inflict on others. Political theories, religious beliefs, patriotic stimulations and the ideology of expansion have paved the way for human violence to thrive. In the name of these ideas we slaughter one another.
We ask for miracles and yet we forget the many we have been given. Peace is strength. Love is renouncing hatred. Justice is the practice of fairness. We must question how our actions affect others. We must leap beyond rhetoric by truly practicing what we pretend to believe. A small step taken towards understanding will grow within. Only with such conviction will we rise to the dawn of compassion and put an end to human suffering.

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