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June 2004

About the 6/6 Really, Really Free Market

Racial Justice Day of Actions - June 7 - Keynote Speaker: MUMIA! - PLEASE JOIN US!!!

Reclaim the Commons Benefit Film Festival

Reclaiming the Commons: Forging a New Political Language

Teach In on The TRUTH Regarding BioTech

Freedom at the Free State

Press Invited to Experience Open House at Reclaim the Commons Welcome Center

6/4-5 Trainings at RTC Convergence Cener

Where to go during Reclaim the Commons to Publish News/Reports to Indybay

About the 6/7 World Cafe

We'd Love To See You (or Your Help/Stuff) at the RTC Convergence Center

Help needed to make art for Biotech moblization

RTC events for Saturday June 5

pier 17 needs help RTC!

Building Our Movements: anti-racism, fighting corporate power and organizing for liberation

SF Biotech Protesters: Fight for People's Technology!

Monday protest at Mexican Consulate, Starhawk's Sat. Report

Biotech protestors must put nanotechnology on the agenda

Breaking News from Sunday 6/6

7June - Protest arrests and torture in Guadalajara

80 Cops Watching 40 non-violent demonstrators is no joke; it is a tragic waste of money

Really REALLY Free Market Report

Breaking News Monday 6/7

The Plan For Tuesday

Biotech action

2PM at Moscone Center

Reclaiming the Commons - Expanding our Critique to include Pharma & Intellectual Property

Blame SF Board of Supes for Allowing Biotech Conference

Biotech Saves Lives: Do SF Protesters Oppose This?

Wednesday Police Commission - Jail Solidarity Updates

Union of Concerned Scientists Position on Biotechnology

Risks Associated With Pharm and Industrial Crops?

Johns and Janes released!

Let's encourage critical thinking on biotech and the role of the commons

Bureaucrash Counterprotests BioDevestation 2004

Thursday's Jail Solidarity Update

from Jane Doe

Protesting BIO 2004

Psychiatric Pharmaceutical Police State

Report from one of the Johns

rts arestees

We've Reclaimed the Commons, It's time to take them Back!

J8 RTS Charges Dropped!!

The Mass Arrest: Part II of Protesting Bio 2004

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