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Occupied Territory: Tarps, Forks, and Community

What to bring to Occupied Territory this Friday!
In a matter of two short days, we will be peacefully gathering together against a backdrop of government harassment, lies, propaganda, and abuse. But whatever the homogenizations of power and capital throw at us, we will see you in Fresno this Friday. Below is a quick wrap up on supplies that you will need to bring, and some ideas on how you can help with the gathering.

Camp Life/Supplies: We need people who have active ideas on how to construct the Occupied Territory camp to bring supplies! Some things you can bring:
1.) Tarps
2.) Large blankets
3.) Tents
4.) Banners
5.) Flashlights, lanterns
6.) Tools for digging, etc.
7.) Sleeping bags
8.) Pillows

Kitchen/Food/Water: Bathrooms will be provided, but we need you to bring several things in the personal hygiene department. Below is also a list of ideas for food, water.
1.) Large containers of water. Water will be easily refilled around the camp area, so if you wish you can leave your water containers unfilled, and fill up at camp.
2.) Bulk amounts of food. Please go on a dumpster run before you come up to Occupied Territory, or perhaps pick up some very cheap bulk foods. Please keep all food that is going to be prepared in the community kitchen vegan to we can feed all. If you would like to bring anything else, please cook or prepare that in your own camp.
3.) Pots, pans, cooking supplies. Please bring pots and pans to cook on. If you have access to a propane cooking stove or something of that nature, please bring that as well.
4.) Biodegradable soap.
5.) Condoms, if you feel the urge to do so.
6.) Forks, cups, eating wear. Please bring at least one set of eating utilities for yourself, if you have more, please bring those. You will need a reusable plate, fork etc, and cup. You be responsible for cleaning your dishes, and thus keeping bears away from trash.
7.) Garbage bags. Hopefully we will have little or no garbage, and the garbage that you do make, please pack that in and out with you. Please bring garbage bags however, to use just in case. Also, to all smokers: Please put your butts in the proper place!!!

Workshop Supplies: To help with workshops, you can bring several things:
1.) Large paper and markers to write with.
2.) Ideas!
3.) Urge to build on other ideas to construct bigger and better workshops and discussions.

Jobs that Need to Be Done Around Camp: There are various subgroups that we need everyone to be involved in. If we want this community to be successful, please partake in doing some tasks:
1.) Security: We need please to do security, and to take ships.
2.) Kitchen Collective: We need please to work in the kitchen, preparing meals for everyone.
3.) Bathrooms: We may need people to help us work on bathrooms, and constructing various structures.
4.) De-central Command Table. Will have info on when, where, and times of workshops, and will also work with the security collective.

Bear Issues: There are possibilities that bears will show their furry faces around us, so please, if you are coming in a group please only bring one thing of toothpaste etc. If you can bring or have access to a large metal container or a bear box, please bring it. We are also looking for someone who might have a trailer of some sort where food could be stored away from bears.

Legal and Medical People Needed!: If you are a legal observer, please consider coming to the gathering. If you are also a medic, and have done medical work before, you are also needed.

Odds and Ends Things to Bring: Various Things to Bring:
1.) Musical inst. Please no amplified music, but acoustic music, song, or bands is encouraged.
2.) Bug spray, sun block. Protect your self!
3.) Cameras, video cameras. We need people to document police activity against us if we should run into problems.
4.) Indymedia: If you work with an indymedia, please consider coming and doing a story.
5.) Propaganda to distribute. Fault Lines, Earth First!, Slingshot? Bring it down!

What Not To Bring:
1.) An attitude that this gathering will (only) be a party.
2.) Hard drugs, and drink.
3.) Dogs. Please no dogs.
4.) Bands, or electric music.
5.) Bad things that will get you arrest for having in your car.
6.) No security culture. Please be smart, this is a gathering to build the movement on the west coast and the world, not an opportunity to say dumb things. You will be asked to leave if you prove to be a security risk.

Situation on Phone/Internet Service: You will be unable to call on a cell phone from where the camp will be. If you wish to call someone, there will probably be groups going down the mountain periodically to make calls and get supplies. Make sure that you make your situation known to others.

Quick Rundown on the First Day: You first stop will be Fresno, at the park located on Belmont and San Pablo. The park is located right under the freeway. You will have to arrive at the park between 3-5pm. We are also asking people to please donate $1-3 to help buy food or cover various costs of the gathering. If you are unable to get to the meeting point at this time, please contact a friend going, so they can call you and give you directions. If you need a ride to the gathering, but can't find one, please visit a local indymedia or go to: For directions on how to get there, please go here:

Upon arrival to the camp site, you will be instructed on where to park and where to put your gear. Please get you things ready, and you will be instructed further on finding your camp area, etc.

The general assembly of all participants will start around the time all people are in attendance. We will then go into introductions for the organizing collective, introduce ourselves, and then receive updates and info from various people on the situation of the local environment and the bears. Once that is done, we will then dissolve the organizing collective, and the then the whole group will be running the gathering. From there on, we will then start to discuss the workshops that people have brought, and plan the times for the next day. We will also start to subdivide ourselves into working groups to take on various tasks around the camp. As the new sun rises, hopefully so will our spirits, and we will begin our first day in Occupied Territory!

Email the Occupied Territory Organizing Collective:
otg-collective (at)
Visit the Website:

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