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Michael Franti is back from Iraq and Palestine

This whole diary is definately worth the read. Franti is a brave, old soul!
from his site

The USA funds Apartheid wall in Israel

Posted by - Michael Franti 01:00:47 06/11/2004

Yesterday we travelled to the old city of jerusalem. we saw the place where Jesus wasmarched wearing the cross and jailed. we saw the wailing wall wear jews right prayers and place them in the wall erected during the time of king solomon. we saw the mosque of al-aqsa, a giant gold domemosque also in the center of jerusalem, which has been bombed many times.

the startling thing for me was to see how many israelis there were with weapons. at the wailing wall there were hundreds of 19 and 20 year old young men with M-16s. there were israeli tour guides with 9mm hand gunswhich they carried with their finger on the trigger. no palestinians carried weapons because they are not allowed to anywhere in the nation.

israel is a militarily controlled apartheid state. everywhere you travelon the roads there are checkpoints. some which are permanent military bunkers, someare called flying checkpoints, just a random spot where soldiers waveyou over and you must stop. old people who are itred wait for hours. students trying to get to school must wait for hours. trucks loaded with fruit must wait for hours only to be told that they must snd for another truck to come from the other side of the checkpoint and they must off load the fruit crates one by one, and carry the fruitacross the checkpoint to the truck waiting on the other side.

there are two different license plates given in Israel. jews are given one plate while palestinians another. the jewish plates are waved through the checkpoints while the palestinian plates are pulled over and have to wait, show their id cards and sometimes just sit and get questioned for hours, only to be told they cannot pass. 75 palestinian women have had babies at checkpoints, two thirds of them have died.

in addition there are some roads designated for only israeli drivers while palestinians must take roads filled with checkpoints and soldiers. Palestians are not allowed to ride in taxis and must take privately owned mini buses in order to get around. palestinians do not have the right to free travel in the country without a permit. they must go to the ministry of the interior office in jerusalem waiting outside in the hot sun with hundreds of other people hoping to get inside to receive a permit to travel to another town which may be 30 minutes away, to attend a wedding or a funeral. hundreds often camping out overnight in front of the office, but only 30 or so are seen each day. anyone caught travelling out of their designated zone without a permit can be jailed immediately. Palestinians can be jailed for up to 6 months without any charges being given.

does any of this sound familiar?

wait it gets better. there is now a wall which is being built across the country. some of it will surround palestinain villages and cities, effectively making them giant prisons with israeli check points controlling who and when people go in and out. in rural areas the wall will be an electrified fence dividing vast quantities of land between towns in other places it will be a 29 foot concrete wall with gun towers every few hundred meters to surround and divide palestinian neighborhoods. to build the wall, soldiers simply come into a home of palestinans, tell them you have ten minutes to leave and then bulldoze their homes into rubble while the families stand by screaming.

wait it gets better. in addition to taking the homes to build walls, the israelis are destroying homes and orchards which have been in the hands of palestiinans for generations forcibly seizing the land and with it all the water of the most fertile regions. then snaking the wall around the newly claimed land. palestinian families are forced by necessity to build water tanks on the roofs of their homes, so that in times of 24 hour curfew(read my piece about the children of Hebron to hear more about the curfews) they can have water to drink. after having paid for the water which costs four times the price for Palestinian families as it does for israelis, soldiers come and shoot holes in the tanks for fun.

and hereis the kicker. the apartheid wall which is being built stretches for over 470 kilometers and is being paid for by guess who? the good people of the united states of america. that's right US tax money is given to Isael to fund the Apartheid wall, the checkpoints, the soldiers and their weapons.

what's goin on? it is time the world wakes up the Apartheid existing in this beautiful nation in the same way we did to the Apartheid of South Africa.

peace, michael

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Re: Michael Franti is back from Iraq and Palestine

The reason Michael Franti sees so many armed Israelis is that the Arabs have been trying to kill them for about 80 years in a row. It is only because Israel is so heavily armed, that they can assure their continued existance.

Remember when the Arab armies attacked Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973? Well, Israel has armed itself to the teeth and the Arabs don't dare attack again in that manner. Instead, they are using terror and waging a propaganda war filled with charged words like "illegal colonialist occupation" "apartheid" "stealing Palestinian land" "humiliating checkpoints" and "human rights violations."

Israel is building the security barrier ONLY because of the relentless terror attacks by Palestinian terror groups. If they weren't being attacked, there would be no barrier, no checkpoints, and no id cards.

Israel wants peace. Israel wants to live side by side in peace with its Arab neighbors. Why can't the Arabs or Franti allow for one tiny Jewish nation to exist in the mideast? That is the only issue really. Does Israel have the right to exist as a Jewish nation in the mideast?


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