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occupied territory autonomous center

with OT in a matter of hours a stream of traveling kids have came into town hungry and tired.members of moving city have had the opportunity to use the old fresno center for non violence and turn it in to an autonomous center for those OTAC there will be a library,community kitchen,places to sleep,internet acess,bathrooms,and community.OTAC is located at 985 n.van ness ave in the tower.all that wish to come before OT can come to OTAC for a bit of chill before the work of OT.we will be working from there if you would like to help before hand.

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Re: occupied territory autonomous center

Are you talking about the occupied territories of Tibet which the Chinese took over decades ago? Are you talking about the occupied territories of Lebanon which are basically under Syrian military rule? Kashmir? Azerbaijan? Nagorno-Karabakh? Or how about the Western Sahara which was not under Moroccan territorial sovereignty? Does the OTAC oppose the Moroccan military incursion in the former Spanish colony as an act of "occupation?" The Persian Gulf island of Zubarah, claimed by both Qatar and Bahrain, was described by the Court as "disputed territory," until it was finally allocated to Qatar. Not so with Israel.

How about the occupation of northern Cyprus? Or the Kurile Islands? What about Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf -- which have involved some degree of armed conflict -- the term "occupied territories" is not commonly used.

For some reason Israel is picked out among all nations and held to a different standard. They are accused of "occupying" what has been their ancient homeland for 3,300 years!

Becky, are you crazy?

yes or no?

i have learned to ignore you when you comment on Israel. OTAC is taking place in Fresno.


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