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Why You Should Not Vote

Why You Should Not Vote


Some people fought so hard to get the vote because they were deceived in the first place. To do honour to everyone (especially those who died defending what they saw as freedom) we must accept the responsibility to not compromise that freedom in the name of security.

There are many other things we could be doing instead of voting, like- smashing lawnmowers- smashing TVs- acknowledging the innate deception of pride by not voting (and ceasing the fueling of that deception with the payment of taxes) for someone who is trying to bolster it--- I would remind that we are reflections of highest beauty (integral and wise), not Gap Kids.

Freedom cannot be voted for when it is thinking that we have any choice at all that is the problem. I am a cell in your brain suggesting perfection and fearlessness--- why ignore truth to live just a little bit longer- there are more important things than 'putting food on the table' when that food is your grandchildren...

It is interesting to note that anyone who acts as if they are firmly convinced that pride is good and/or free-will is real is attempting to deceive.


David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

Hatrackman (at)

PS: right is ordained by love- we do not have the right to ignore it--- A.K.A. we do not have the right to be proud- we do not have the right to be spiteful- we do not have the right to claim 'private property' because we are apprehensive about letting unknown people sleep under 'our' trees- we do not have the right to depend on luxury when necessity is not being fulfilled--- our world is burning and money is not going to save it, it's killing it, actually. It's time for the exodus. It's time to not be afraid anymore and, for the sake of all life, not content ourselves with lies (even if we've become dependent on them).

in courage and honour,

in patience,


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