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Attention California Shoppers

I need money to go to Boston to be part of the organizing effort re:protesting the corporatization of the world at the DNC, going on the 276 mile peace march between conventions, and being with Eco Bloc at the RNC in NYC Aug.30-Sept.4. The earth and all sentient beings thank you for being sane, and for supporting my willingness to participate.
Warm spiritual greetings, I had to move out of Oakland's Hellarity House because the loose atmosphere there permitted speed mainlining by out of town guests, who ended up in the hospital! Also, fist fights broke out, and retaliatory threats of being clubbed with a baseball bat highlighted the beginning of another eastbay summer. So, I'm now sleeping in bed #20 at the Veterans Hall shelter in central Berkeley. Additionally, eastbay Food Not Bombs never got straight enough to reimburse me my $55, so that adds to the stupidity of my living situation. I'd like to get the hell out of California! Okay? I want to go to Boston and be part of the organizing effort against the "corporatization of the world". The Black Tea Society is the main group frontlining this, which will be in philosophical opposition to the Democratic National Convention in Boston July 26-29. Then, I am interested in being on the 276 mile Boston to NYC peace march between conventions. Lastly, I look forward to being with Eco Bloc in opposition to the environmentally idiotic platform at the Republican National Convention in Manhattan Aug.30-Sept.4. PLEASE WIRE ME SOME MONEY! Obviously, whatever you call "spiritual" is thanking you in advance for your cooperation. Have a nice summer, Craig Stehr

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