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Register Green,vote Kerry= Beat bu$h

Register Green: Vote Kerry: Beat Bush
by Greens for Kerry Friday June 25, 2004 at 01:17 AM

W e are proud members of the Green Party, guided by its ten key values, including social justice, protection of the environment, civil rights, women's rights and sustainability. To protect our nation and preserve a healthy future - economically, socially, environmentally and morally, we must defeat George W. Bush.

We urge all Greens and Nader voters in swing states to vote strategically and join with people of all political stripes, united in our concern for America's future, and support John Kerry for President.

Worker Rights
Banned collective bargaining for the 60,000 employees who provide security at our nation's airports. More than 1,000 airport screeners who belonged to SEIU lost union representation due to Bush's decision.
Issued an order denying Justice Department employees the freedom to form a union.
Blocked more strikes than any president in recent history.
Repealed workplace ergonomics rules that protect workers from injury and help cover the costs of workplace injuries (nearly 2 million workers a year suffer from crippling musculoskeletal injuries).
Pushed for changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act that could eliminate overtime pay for as many as 8 million workers.
Proposed new financial reporting and disclosure requirements for Unions that would cost organized labor upwards of $1 billion a year to comply.
Opposes any increase in the minimum wage.
Would immediately overturn Bush's ban on Project Labor Agreements.
Opposes Bush efforts to allow employers to refuse to hire union organizers.
Opposes "paycheck protection" legislation (Bush supports) aimed at preventing unions from spending money on political activity.
Supports collective bargaining rights for state and municipal public safety officers.
Supported the minimum wage increase in 1997 and supports increasing the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation.
Opposes Bush effort to allow employers to avoid paying overtime.

The Environment and Public Health
Energy/Global Warming
Proposes building 63 new nuclear power plants ($4.7 million increase in nuclear power funding), increasing funding in the 'Coal Research Initiative' by $69 million and the 'Clean Coal Power Initiative' by $109 million (60 percent).
Proposes cutting solar energy programs by more than $3 million (4 percent) and biomass by $14 million (16 percent).
Proposes cutting core energy efficiency line items for building by $1.5 million and industrial technologies by $35 million (38 percent).
Seeks to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Opposes closing SUV loophole and raising automobile fuel efficiency standards.
Reneged on a campaign pledge to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, then announced his administration's opposition to the Kyoto Protocol, the 1997 international accord to address the global warming crisis.
Proposed increasing fuel-efficiency standards by 50 percent, with a goal to reach a fuel economy average of 36 miles per gallon by the year 2015 and close a current loophole that allows luxury cars to receive tax deductions of up to $100,000.
Seeks to make America independent of Middle Eastern oil in 10 years primarily through his proposed 'Manhattan Project' which would make 20 percent of electricity come from renewable energy sources by 2020
Vowed to filibuster any attempt made by President Bush to open oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Sponsored a bill amendment (defeated by Republicans) mandating the Bush Administration to engage in international environmental renegotiations and to work toward revising Kyoto Protocol.

Air Pollution/Toxics
Attempted to weaken the Clean Air Act ("Clear Skies Initiative'), which would have caused 30,000-pollution related deaths over the next 20 years (defeated in court) by allowing more than twice as much S02 emissions for nearly a decade longer (2010 - 2018), than the Clean Air Act currently allows and more than one and a half times as much NOx for nearly a decade longer (2010-2018).
Cut lead poisoning prevention funds and refused to regulate mercury (while secretly altering scientific findings as to its danger) through the same tough approach used for other hazardous air pollutants (adopted industry supported rules).
Would reverse the Bush-Cheney rollbacks of Clean Air laws and plug loopholes in the law.
Would fully fund and enforce program to meet ozone and air quality standards, stop acid rain, and reduce mercury emissions.
Proposes a Toxics Task Force at the EPA that will identify the top toxics threats to our citizens and develop an action plan to address them.

Clean Water
Proposes to legalize the release of inadequately treated sewage into waterways while cutting funding for water quality investments (32%) and infrastructure (40%).
Proposes to rewrite Clean Water Act regulations, thereby removing 20 million acres of wetlands, streams and other 'isolated' waters from protection under the law.
Opposes Bush's attempts to roll back Clean Water Act and proposes a 'Restoring America's Waters' Campaign to clean up waters, protect communities' fresh water supplies by increasing funding to the EPA and prosecuting corporate polluters.

Land Use / Transportation
Seeks to reduce funding for transportation, and focus more of it on roads and highways and less on public transportation options.
Favors development of wetlands, publicly protected lands, and national monuments.
Would authorize full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (currently being cut), to be used for improvement of urban parks and recreation efforts.
Proposes a 'Clean and Green Communities' plan that would coordinate federal transportation policies, federal housing incentives, federal employment opportunities and the use of federal dollars to acquire parks and open space.
Would attempt to remove the threat of toxics from communities by fully funding (through fees on polluters) the Superfund cleanup program (Bush is cutting program), and taking and sprawl.

Women's Rights
Reinstated the 'Global Gag Rule' (on Bush's first workday in office and the 28th anniversary of Roe v. Wade) eliminating desperately needed international family planning funding to organizations that provide abortion counseling (or if abortion is legal in their country).
Banned the Republican termed 'partial birth abortion' thus making it difficult for a woman to have an abortion during the fifth or six month of pregnancy no matter what the reason.
Opposes Roe v. Wade and seeks to make abortion illegal.
Favors abstinence only 'sex education' programs mandating that there can be no discussion of STD's, condoms, or traditional family planning.
Opposes Global Gag Rule, would immediately reverse Bush policy.
Opposed ban on 'partial birth abortion'.
Cosponsored Women's Health Equity Act, which ensures women of all ages receive information and access to the highest quality and most advanced health care.
Worked to require health plans to cover hospital stays for breast cancer treatment and to preserve and increase funding for breast and cervical cancer research.
Perfect Pro-choice record and will defend Roe v. Wade.
Supports requiring insurance plans to cover contraception and he will continue to fight to ensure women direct access to their OB/GYNs.
Supports requiring insurance plans to cover contraception.

Civil Rights
Opposes affirmative action.
Proposes a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.
Opposes hate crime legislation.
Opposed Employment Nondiscrimination Act, which extends and strengthens the right of Americans to work in discrimination-free workplaces, regardless of sexual orientation.
Opposes the right of gays to serve in the military.
Supports affirmative action.
Cosponsored the Employment Nondiscrimination Act.
Opposes the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.
Supports hate crime legislation.
Supports the right of gays to serve in the military.

Human Rights
Put 152 human beings to death as Governor of Texas, the most in US history.
As Governor, vetoed legislation that would have provided funding for basic indigent defense, calling it 'a threat to public safety."
Opposed legislation instituting life without parole and banning the execution of people with IQ's less than 65.
Opposes death penalty except in the case of terrorists.
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