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1 million Sudanese may die this year

The crisis in Sudan is the biggest and most immediate human rights concern in the world right now. But since Arabs (and not Israelis) are the perpetrators, the crisis is barely being noted by human rights activists. This situation should not be allowed to continue unabated.
U.S. officials now say 1 million people may die in
Darfur, Sudan this year. USAID says this number can be reduced to 300,000. The United Nations has warned that militia attacks on civilians could rival the genocide in Rwanda.

NASA aerial photos of African villages show that 300 villages don't exist anymore. They have been
destroyed completely and there are no people in them at all. All the animals are gone.

It appears this is part of an ethnic cleansing
campaign. In the middle of the destruction there are Arab villages that are completely functional, people are working in them, nothing has been touched (according to the aerial photographs).

See the links below with reports on Darfur, Sudan:

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Send a letter to Colin Powell to stop the genocide in Sudan

Thanks to Frances Markovitch for passing this on to me. If you go to this website, you can sign a letter to be sent to the Secretary of State, Colin Powell urging him to act re: Sudan.

Re: 1 million Sudanese may die this year

But I thought the US was a meddling war mongering country that interferes in other countries affairs?


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