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NewYork Women join Palestinians

Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian Territories
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by Ruth Cohen 30 Jun 2004
Mothers and Grandmothers work together to educate Americans about the impact on Palestinian families of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian Territories
PRESS RELEASE Date: June 30, 2004
For immediate release Contact: Ruth Cohen - (917) 596-3027


Mothers and Grandmothers work together to educate Americans about the impact on Palestinian families of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian Territories

New York City — “Women of a Certain Age,? a diverse group of women including Christians and Jewish Holocaust survivors, many of them mothers or grandmothers, have arrived in the West Bank in the past week. They have joined the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian led non-violent movement that resists and protests the Israeli Military Occupation, especially the Apartheid Wall that is cutting off many Palestinian communities from their lands and livelihood.

“We intend to utilize our voices, our spirit, and non-violent action to thwart the building of a wall and a society that belittles and demeans people in their own homeland,? said Gail Miller, a retired public high school social worker, while explaining the group’s mission. “We have decided that more than words are needed to bring the issue of justice and peace for Palestinians into America’s living rooms.?

The Apartheid Wall is not being built on, or in most cases near the 1967 borders, but cuts deep into the West Bank, causing a de facto annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank. Within the "first phase" of construction alone, it is estimated that 16 villages in the path of the wall will be completely or partially destroyed and some 50 will be permanently separated from the West Bank.

Members of Women of a Certain Age, who range from 22 to 80 years old, have dedicated their lives to social activism. They have worked as teachers, social workers, lawyers, TV writers, health care workers, psychotherapists, and graphic designers. Some worked to help New Yorkers recover from the aftereffects of 9/11.

On June 26, 2004, they joined an action protesting the Apartheid Wall along with thousands of Palestinians and hundreds of Israelis from the Taayush and Gush Shalom peace coalitions and other internationals. The Israeli Military responded to the non-violent demonstration with tear gas, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades.

Israeli and Palestinian peace activists who have peacefully demonstrated have invariably been met with violent actions from the Israeli Military. On May 19, Israel fired a missile at nonviolent demonstrators in Gaza, killing several women and at least 10 children. Israeli attacks on peaceful demonstrations against the wall are expected to increase as Palestinians, internationals, and Israelis continue to rally against its construction.

“Women of a Certain Age? will be in the Occupied Territories until July 5 and are available for interview. Please call: Ruth Cohen - (917) 596-3027.


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And yet another version....

I thought I'd look and see if there was a different version of the events of June 26, 2004. I did a little googling and lo and behold I found this. You can too! Here are the relevant exerpts:

"Those hostile forces were at work again this past weekend. The college students (and professors, and other domestic liberals), the "beautiful people" who support terror against Jews, went on the warpath against Israel's "security fence." A group of members from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) joined some Palestinians and Israeli far-leftists in physically attacking a portion of the fence in the West Bank.


"One wag suggested that ISM really stands for "I Support Murderers." But the Left responds, reflexively, by relying on their eyesight, rather than their insight. They cannot understand the charges leveled against their fellow leftists. They say, "But they are the beautiful people: They love peace. They pet cats. They sing Joan Baez songs and believe in the brotherhood of 'humankind.' How dare you slander them?"

"All this ignores that fact that ISM members were on the West Bank to show their solidarity with mass murderers and suicide bombers. They understand that the security fence Israel is building is designed to make it harder for the terrorists the ISM supports to enter Israel and murder Jewish children and other civilians. And that is precisely why they believe it must come down.

"The ISM marched on Saturday, gathering by a part of the Security Fence, a segment that is still chain link and has not yet been turned into towering concrete walls. There they attacked the fence, sabotaged it, vandalized it and ripped pieces from it (possibly including its electronic sensors). You see, they think the terrorists should be allowed to enter Israel to protest Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands, by which they also mean Tel Aviv and Haifa. They oppose anything Israel tries to do to protect its citizens, indeed, anything short of total capitulation to the progressive demands of the Palestinian fascists.

"So it is predictable that their group got violent and tried to cut through the Israeli security barrier outside the Palestinian village of Masha near Qalqilya. And yes of course they admit that they were trying to damage the barrier of razor-wire fences, concrete walls and trenches that Israel says it needs to stop infiltrations by Palestinian suicide bombers.

"One of the protesters described the mob's actions thus: "We began cutting the fence and shaking it."

"The Israeli army was waiting for us and shot live bullets directly at us," Liad Kantorowicz, one of the Israeli protesters, who described themselves as anarchists, told Reuters. They used wire cutters to destroy this segment of the fence.

"The crowd included the usual international provocateurs from the ISM, the International Solidarity Movement, the group that actively opposes Israeli anti-terrorism initiatives. Rachel Corrie, the young supporter of terror from Washington State who played a fatal game of chicken with an Israeli bulldozer (which could not see her), had been one of these.

"In short, these are people who believe that 1,300 murdered Israelis (SINCE OSLO WAS SIGNED) are not enough. They will not tolerate any attempt by Israel to defend its children. And that is why they violently attacked the security fence Saturday.

"Yet the international Left cries in horror, "How dare those soldiers shoot one of these pro-terror vandals in his leg? So what if he was wearing a mask while valdalizing the fence? And how dare they injure one of the ISM provocateurs from overseas showing her support for terrorism? So what if she was using wire cutters at the time on the fence? So what if the crowd would have been mowed down with gunfire had they been trying to use wirecutters on, say, the fence of any U.S. military facility on earth? So what if the ISM people injured had signed a contract promising not even to enter the West Bank if allowed to disembark in Israel? So what if Israel's Police Minister described the 'protesters' as 'collaborators with terrorism,' and so what if parliament member Yuri Stern described them as 'barbaric criminals'?"

"No, the international Left now demands an investigation -- of the Israelis! The Left wants to arrest all those who cheered the troops who fired at these "demonstrators," who suggested that the troops be awarded medals, who suggested an official commission of investigation be set up to see why only one hooligan was shot and charge them with incitement. And maybe libel."

BECKY: So you can see what the writer above describes as a "non-violent demonstration " included vandalism and an attempt to cross a fortified security barrier. I wonder what would happen to someone who went down with a crowd and several people tried to use wire-cutters to gain access to the secure areas of the Santa Cruz Police station?

Rubber bullets? Tear gas? Something more lethal?


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