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They Lied About the War, What Else Have They Lied about?

We cannot let this go on any longer. If they get away with this, we're lost forever!
Bush and Co lied to start a war- Every American must take another look at 9/11. It is your duty as an American, as a Human Being to demand Truth and Justice. Your children and grandchildren are counting on You.

The summer before 911:

* Ashcroft stopped flying commercial jets in June due to increased threat levels.
* Condi Rice received numerous warnings, something 'spectacular' with 'hijacked airplanes', even an 'inevitable threat' just 5 days before 911.
* Bush continued his vacation until the end of August, even after receiving a briefing Aug. 6 titled:
Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States

Then when the big day comes, there was confusion and miscommunication because they were just not prepared. For three years we've been waiting for the official story on why no fighter jets were able to intercept any of the flights 9/11 morning. Finally the answer came at the 911 Commission hearings June 17th:
U.S. air defences "unprepared" for 9/11
U.S. fighter jets had virtually no chance to shoot down or intercept four hijacked planes on September 11, 2001, because of confusion andpoor communication among "unprepared" military and civilian officials,a special commission says.

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Re: They Lied About the War, What Else Have They Lied about?

This is treason. Why isn't the military coming forth to tell the truth? Where are the real patriots?


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