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CKUT Radio: Indigenous Resistance at Kanehsatake

Listen to a one hour documentary produced at CKUT Radio in Montreal, which explores the ongoing indigenous struggle on the Mohawk territory of Kanehsatake. In recent months the indigenous community of Kanehsatake, located just outside of Montreal, Quebec has been a focal point for indigenous self-determination struggles in North America (Turtle Island).
This 1 hour documentary highlights the recent developments of the political struggle of Kanehsatake, focusing on the ongoing efforts of Kanehsatake community members to resist a possible multi-police force invasion, combined of Provincial, Federal and Kanehsatake police.

The community of Kanehsatake's resistance to this invasion and implementation of a largely unpopular Mohawk policing agreement, is viewed by many in Kahehsatake as an attack on indigenous self-determination. The documentary begins with speeches which were given at a solidarity rally held in Kanehsatake on May 20th, the rally brought together Mohawk people and supporters from across Quebec and Ontario.

To listen / download the documentary on Kanehsatake visit:

To read an in-depth article about Kanehsatake visit:

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