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Middle East Children's Alliance Events

Thurs. July 8
& Mon. July 12
Bay Area
See Below
--Both events benefit the Middle East Children's Alliance and are wheelchair accessible For more info, 510-548-0542,
** THURSDAY, JULY 8, 7pm: "Direct from Baghdad: Dahr Jamail."
Special KPFAFlashpoints correspondent Dahr Jamail speaks and shows slides about theoccupation, torture and the U.S. war on Iraqi citizens.
La Pena CulturalCenter, 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley (near Ashby BART).
Tickets $10-$15 sliding scale, benefits Iraqi children, no one turned away.

returns to the Bay Area,direct from the West Bank! Barghouti is a leading Palestinian human rights activist and physician, who co-authored the Palestinian National Initiative for "peace with justice, co-existence, and...secular social democracy" (Edward Said). First Unitarian Church, Franklin & Geary.
Tickets $20,benefits Palestinian children, no one turned away.

Slide Show
Penny Rosenwasser is available to show her slide show
Penny participated in international solidarity actions as part of "Freedom Summer" with Palestinians in Gaza, Ramallah, Nablus and Jenin; she also participated in Israeli peace movement events.
for pictures and stories
read Penny's Editorial in the S.F.Chronicle

The Wheels of Justice Tour: A national campaign to raise awareness about the realities on the ground in Iraq and Palestine/Israel and make the connection between US Foreign Policy in the Middle East and the affect it has on our communities, our wallets and our conscience. We are calling on individuals, organizations and communities to come on out and be a part of this campaign and help us counter the propaganda of the Bush administration and the corporate media.
Look for new listing of Events for 2004:

The Bus Organizers:
Members of Voices in the Wilderness , the Middle East Children's Alliance, Al AwdaPalestine Right to Return Coalition and affiliates of the International Solidarity Movement

For more information about events, please contact Uda or Marissa of Middle East Children’s Alliance 510-548-0542

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Re: Middle East Children's Alliance Events

Gee, I can't wait! All the anti-semites in one place at the same time!

Remember the code words "Secular socialist democracy" means no more Jewish State and no more Israel. They are NOT talking about approaching even a single theocracy in any Arab country --nor are they calling for democracy in any Arab country. Israel is already a socialistic democracy. A Jewish one.


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