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Feds Target Pot Dispensaries in California

Feds Target Pot Dispensaries in California

Published: June 22, 2005

Filed at 11:27 p.m. ET

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Federal drug agents launched a crackdown on medical marijuana providers in California Wednesday, raiding more than 20 dispensaries and charging two people.

In San Francisco, drug agents searched three pot clubs and more than 20 homes and businesses, capping a two-year investigation into an alleged marijuana trafficking ring. Officials would not say how many people were arrested or give other details, pending a news conference Thursday.

In Sacramento, Dr. Marion Fry, and her husband, Dale Schafer, were arrested on charges they grew and distributed marijuana from their storefront California Medical Research Center between August 1999 and September 2001.

The actions came two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana users can be prosecuted under federal law even if their home states allow use of the drug. California is one of 10 states that allow medicinal marijuana use.

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Lawrence Brown said the Supreme Court ruling ''lays to rest any question whether federal authorities have jurisdiction.'' Prosecutors also said the cases involve illegal drug runners operating under the guise of legitimate medical marijuana providers.

But Laurence Lichter, an attorney representing Fry and Schafer, questioned the charges against his clients, who according to the indictment grew more than 100 marijuana plants during the two-year period.

''Marijuana was legal in this part of the United States until this month, so any attempt to hold them as serious criminals would have been, I think, inappropriate,'' he said.

Elsewhere Wednesday, the Rhode Island House passed a bill that would allow certain patients to grow and smoke marijuana. A similar bill passed the state Senate two weeks ago.

Gov. Don Carcieri has threatened to veto the legislation, but lawmakers said they are confident the bill had enough votes to override a veto.

''For me, it has always been a matter of compassion -- simple compassion,'' said Democratic Rep. Steven Costantino. ''And I've always been amused by the fear that this is going to cause all of a sudden'' an out-of-control use of marijuana.


Associated Press Writer Eric Tucker contributed to this report from Providence, R.I.

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Re: Feds Target Pot Dispensaries in California

Welcome to the United Christian States of America, where we're all free to live exactly as the Christians (aka "conservatives" or "republicans") expect us to.

Democracy and freedom obviously mean nothing anymore. Why do we continue to pretend otherwise? Democracy is DEAD. Let's start acting accordingly.

Re: Feds Target Pot Dispensaries in California

We acted in accordance with the US Constitution. Local police ignored the US Constitution, and attacked anyway.

We passed a state law.
Police circumvented the state law by appointing themselves medical professionals and deciding for us what was "reasonable amounts", and attacked anyway.

We passed a newer, clearer state law.
Police circumvented the new state law via "federal adoption guidelines", and attacked anyway.

We appealed to the Supreme Court. Eventually, we won.
Police backed off only partially, resorting to any technicality they could find and attacked anyway.

Now the Supreme Court has massively overstepped their own federal authority by tossing the 14th Amendment (states' rights) into the same dust bin they've already thrown the 4th Amendment, and police are attacking more than ever.

Attacking people for growing plants, for pete's sake. FOR GARDENING!

All the checks and balances have failed! The system is rotten to the core! The police are turning against the public, against innocent people who have done no wrong except by the strict definitions of Judeo-Christian religious doctrine.
They won't take us all on at once, so they paint arbitrary groups of people as "criminals" with arbitrary brushes, promising to leave the masses alone if the masses will just stand aside and let these INNOCENT PEOPLE be singled out for robbery, prison slave labor, and to be used as boogiemen to justify massively overblown police budgets and completely unnecessary police hiring when there should be massive police budget cuts and layoffs.

Don't you see what is happening? WE ARE BEING DIVIDED. WE ARE BEING CONQUERED.

Fascism is coming to America like you have never seen before. The counter-culture is the only likely source of resistance to this new fascism, and so it is being crushed one arbitrary pie-slice at a time.

And we're all just sitting here, keeping our heads down, watching it happen, and praying against all common sense that we can somehow keep living our safe, comfortable lives. That if we just keep quiet, keep doing our jobs, paying our taxes, and pathetically jumping through any new hoop the system places before us every year.

Free speech limitations? Okay.

Warrantless searches of library checkout records? Okay.

Secret no-fly lists? Okay.

Warrantless checkpoints on our roads? Okay.

Big Brother Total-Information-Awareness networks watching every dollar we spend, everywhere we go, and everyone we call? Okay.

Laws restricting what you can smoke, what you can drink, who you can marry, how you can have sex? Okay.

Staged 9/11 attacks by CIA-trained "terrorists" to justify military invasions of oil-rich foreign countries that posed no threat? Okay.

Blatant lies about WMDs to justify failed wars? Okay.

And you all just.. sit there?

This isn't a call for revolution. It's too late for revolution. You missed your chance to stop this train wreck. All you can do now is close your eyes and brace yourselves for pain and loss, because the train is already starting to crash. The party is over.


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