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Pot backers rally in Santa Cruz

Several hundred members and friends of the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana rode in wheelchairs or walked slowly up Pacific Avenue, most of them holding signs with headshot photos of deceased loved ones who had counted on relief from medical marijuana during their final months or years.

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Police Have Trouble Reading Doctors' Letters Apparently

Skipping to the end of the article, we find SCPD Lt. Saunders claiming that determination of whether a person is a legitimate marijuana patient is judged on a "case by case method".

Wouldn't a letter from their doctor be the clear and convincing evidence the police need to make their decision?

Since homeless people and youth are constantly targeted by the SCPD for marijuana enforcement, maybe this issue isn't as "frequently blurry" as Saunders suggests, but has more to do with the economic status of the user.


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